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The information is for individuals and families that I have been unable to connect to known family lines, I've
listed the information to help other researchers. Please consider it reference material until you can vertify it's accuracy.
last update 24 April 2010

(1) du PREL Marie Anne married Friederich Wilhelm Von STIERNBERG bef 1784. 
          Friederich was born 1738 in Metz, France died 1822 at Metz. He was a 
          officer (Oberst a.D.) SOURCE: G-Alexander Fuelling of Schroeder and  

(2) DUPREL Cesarine Ovadics married Pierre Nicolas MERVILLE on 5 Sep 
          1874 at Nancy, France. RESIDENCE: St. Louis (Paris?). SOURCE: lds 
          film 1147921 Nancy.

(3) DUPRELS Rose died 19 Mar 1827, France (I think Nancy or Metz) 
           SOURCE: lds film 1147921 Nancy.

(4) DUPRELL Nicolai married Anna Barbara PHILIPPEN they have 2 
          known children both born Kirchhooven, Rheinland, Prussia. SOURCE: lds
          film 0174505 Kirchhoven. 

          A. Laurentius DUPRELL baptized 16 Nov 1735
          B. Anna Magdaline DUPRELL baptized 26 Jul 1734.

(5) DUPRELL Engelbert 1st marriage: Catherine JOPPEN they have 2 
          children both born Kirchhoven. SOURCE: lds film 0174505 Kirchhoven. 
          AKA: du PREL
          A. Anna DUPRELL baptized 19 Feb 1739 (middle name might be

          B. Elisabeth DUPRELL baptized 23 Mar 1741 married Joannes WINDELEN
                5 children all born Kirchhoven, Rheinland, Prussia. 

                1. Engelbertus WINDELEN born 22 Aug 1770

                2. Anna Catharina WINDELEN born 7 Jul 1771

                3. Maria Mechtildis WINDELIN born 3 Sep 1776 

                4. Antonius Engelbertus WINDELIN born 3 Sep 1776

                5. Engelbertus WINDELEN born 13 Oct 1781
          Engelbert DUPRELL 2nd marriage: Catherine SEEFFENS they
          have 1 child. SOURCE: lds film 0174505 Kirchhoven.

          A. Laurentius DUPRELL baptized 21 Oct 1749 married Catharina 
             Elysabetha PETERS on 26 Apr 1744 at Kirchhoven, Rheinland, Prussia. 
             9 children all born Kirchhoven.
                1. Anna Catharina DUPRELL born 15 Feb 1775

                2. Joannes theodorus DU PRELL born 22 Oct 1776.

                3. Maria Sophia Josepha DUPRELL born 9 Jan 1778
                4. Petrus Matthias DU PRELL born 3 Oct 1779 

                5. Maria Gertrudis DU PRELL born 6 Jul 1782

                6. Arnoldus Matthias DU PREL born 21 Sep 1785

                7. Joannis Wilhelmus DU PRELL born 11 May 1788

                8. Anna Elysabetha DU PRELL born 11 May 1788

                9. Petrus Leonardus DU PRELL born 22 Jul 1792

(6) DUPREL Gerardus died Luxembourg City, Luxembourg born and died 14 
          Dec 1793. SOURCE: lds film 0424926 Luxembourg City. surname written
          with little "d" (duprel)

(7) DUPREL Georges born Jan 1782 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. SOURCE: 
          lds film 0424911 Luxembourg City.

(8) DUPRELLE died 7 Jun 1822 at Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. SOURCE:
          lds film 1139687 Luxembourg City. 

(9) DEPREL Joseph died 16 Jun 1789 at Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. 
          SOURCE: lds film 0424926 Luxembourg City.

(10) DUPREL Louis born 29 Jan 1797 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. 
           (I am not sure about the spelling of Louis surname the last letter
           could be a L or R or T).  SOURCE: lds film 0424911 Luxembourg City.
(11) DUPREL Angelia born 1777 at Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. SOURCE:
           lds film 0424911 Luxembourg.

(12) DUPRELLE Francois Joseph born abt 1780 married Josephine 
           KIM they have 1 known child. SOURCE: lds film 143921 Arlon, 

           A. Francois Joseph DUPRELLE died 19 Dec 1819 at Arlon.

(13) DEPRELL Henry Francoise Joseph (aka: Duprell from Metz, married Maria 
           Catherine Josephine JACOB. they have 3 known children all married 
           Dalheim, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1139624 Dalheim.

           A. Roselie Josephine Augustina DEPRELL married William USELDINGEN on
                 26 Feb 1840. 

           B. Anne DEPRELL married Valantine DASTERT on 25 Aug 1847.
           C. Jeanne Marie DEPRELL married Nicolas FEIH?

(14) DUPREEL Joseph married Marie Josephe POUCHIN they have 1 
           child born Simencourt Pas-de-Calais, France.

           A. Guislain Joseph DUPREEL born 1727 he married Elisabeth Joseph 
                 VIART on 26 Nov 1766 at Simencourt. They have 4 known children 
                 all born Pas-de-Calais, Simencourt, France.

                1. Francois Xavier DUPREEL born 3 Dec 1767. 
                2. Guislain Joseph DUPREEL born 13 May 1769. 
                3. Jeanne Josephe DUPREEL born 12 Apr 1771. 
                4. Madelaine Josephe DUPREEL born 10 Aug 1772. married Hilaire Joseph COIN 
                   on 8 Jan 1793.

(15) DUPREEL Jean Baptiste married 6 Jun 1764 at Simencourt, 
           Pas-de-Calais, France. 3 known children.
           A. Caroline Josephe DUPREEL born 15 Oct 1767. 
           B. Louis Auguste DUPREEL born 22 Dec 1770. 
           C. Therese Julie DUPREEL born 15 Nov 1765 married Philppe 
                 Joseph CAPET on 21 Jul 1790 at Simencourt.

(16) DUPREEL Jean Baptiste born abt 1695 died 1785 married Marie
           Magdeleine SOLON. they have 1 knwn son.

           A. Jean Baptiste DUPREEL born 1717 married Marie Gislaine DACHEUX
                 bef 1770 in Pommiers, Pas-de-Calis, France. SOURCE: Bernard 
                 DUBOST, Seignosse France (1998)

(17) DUPREEL Jean Baptiste Michel died 4 Jan 1823 Louillen. married 
           Jeanne Louise Adilaide JAULT / GAULT they have 4 known children 
           all born Belleville a commune of Paris, France. SOURCE: lds film 

           A. Adilaide Victorie DUPREEL born 26 May 1798. 
           B. Charles Jules DUPREEL born 18 Apr 1802. 
           C. Francois Augustis DUPREEL born 8 Jun 1805.
           D. Augustus DUPREEL born 1807. 

(18) DUPRIL Petrus married Joanna SCHURND / SCHURNO on 22 May 1690 at
           Landau, Pfalz, Bavaria.

(19) DUPREL Georges born 27 Feb 1707/08 at Lebetain, Territorie of 
           Belfort, France, he died 10 Feb 1769 at Lebetain. He married Marie 
           Elisabeth PRENEZ. George DUPREL is the son of Pierre DUPREY and 
           Marguerite FERDEY. (see #169 below for more information)

(20) DUPREY Pierre born 12 Nov 1680 at Boncourt, France, is the son of
           Jean DUPRAY born 2 Jul 1655 at Boncourt, France and Marguerite RICHE. 
           Pierre is the grandson of Louis DUPREZ born 7 Nov 1632 at Delle, Belfort,
           France and Louise COMPAGNON. Pierre is the great grandson of Adam 
           DUPRELZ born Boncourt, France and Maurize GIRARDIN. Pierre married 
           Marguerite FERDEY on 21 Jul 1705 at Saint-Dizier-L'Eveque, Territorie 
           of Belfort, France 8 children: (see #169 below for more infomation)
(21) DUPREL Guichard. Resided in Lorr, FR. (An., 3 Oct 1571) D'azur a 
           une porte d'or, en abime, au guichet ouvert, acc. de trois bes. d'arg
           (aka du Prel).

(22) TUPREL Elizabeth christened on 21 Dec 1735. She resided at
           Lansallos, Cornwall, England. daughter of John TUPREL 

(23) DUPREL Guillaume born 15 Jun 1728 at Fallon, Haute-Saone, France. illegitime son of Marie DUPREL originally from Suisse. Witness baptimal, Guillaume DUPREY of Fallon, Marie DUPREL of Fallon. (24) DUPRELL Anna Maria born ca. 1760 Germany. married Johann Christian PAFF Anna Maria died 26 May 1803 at Gross Umstadt, Germany. They have 4 known children all born Gross Umstadt, Hesse, Germany: A. Johann Georg Pfaff born 18 Mar 1783 B. Casper PFAFF born 4 Jan 1785 C. Catharina Elisabeth PFAFF born 27 Jan 1787 D. Anna Maria PFAFF born 4 Oct 1788. (25) Du PREL Jules Denis (baron) SOURCE: Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science. (26) DUPREL SR. married Marie Therese Jannot daughter of Francois Antoine Jannot and Maire Elisabeth guillaume of Besancon, France. (27) DUPRIL Cesarine Ovadies married Pierre Nicolas MERRVILLES> on 5 Sep 1874 at Nancy, France. SOURCE: lds film#1147921 Nancy France (28) DUPRELS Rose married Jacque CHOMERET on 19 Mar 1887 at Metz, France. SOURCE: lds film#1296818 German death records. (29) DUPREL ?? married Marie Anne GABRIL in 1746 at montpeller France. SOURCE: lds fil#1296991 Montpeller, France. 1 known child. A. Clause DUPREL (30) DUPREL Claude Joseph married Louise CHEVALIER on 20 Aug 1749 in Montpeller, France. SOURCE: lds film#1296991 Montpeller, France (31) DUPREL James married Mary ADAMS on 15 Feb 1780 at Brunswick, Virginia USA. SOURCE: IGI record. batch number 8330606 sheet 7. (UPDATE) not Duprel but a DUPREE the 2nd E looked like an L. (32) DUPREEL Jean Baptiste Michel (aka DUPREELLE) French active 1787 to about 1828. He was an Artist. (34) DUPREL Lottie. died 12 Dec 1918 at St. Louis, MO. USA (there is a Newspaper obit, "St. Louis Dispatch" (I do not have it). (35) DUPREL Joanna Born abt. 1717 in Delle, Territoire De, Belfort, France married Francisci BISOT on 1 Jul 1738 at Delle, Territoire De, Belfort, France SOURCE: Family Search (lds on line records 31 May 2000) (36) DUPRELL Ida Bell. death 11 Sep 1928 at Arabi, Crisp, GA. USA. Race: Black age 35. (37) DEPREL Maria Christening: 27 Jun 1860 Sankt Stephan Katholisch, Mainz, Rheinhessen, Hessen SOURCE: Family Search (lds on line records 31 May 2000) (38) DEPRILL Josina married on 19 Jan 1629 at Saint Nicholas Acons, London, England. SOURCE: Family Search (lds on line records 31 May 2000) (39) DUPREL Catherine: married Etienne ROY. They have a daughter: A. Anatoile ROY born 4 Jul 1753 Scey en Varais 25 Doubs, she died 14 Dec 1821, at Scey en Varais 25 Doubs she married Joseph JAMAS on 17 Aug 1786 at Besancon, France. The have the following children: 1. M. JAMAS 2. Francois Bonnaventure JAMAS 3. Anotine JAMAS 4. Jeanne Claude JAMAS 5. Jean Etienne JAMAS (40) DUPREL Jeanne Marguerite born 5 Dec 1745 Phaffans (DARMÉ à GINGRELET) daughter of Georges DUPREL and Jeanne DEUTOT (41) DUPREL Barbe married Claude BEURIER 30 Jul 1617 at Plancher, France (42) DUPREL Francoise died Delle, Territorie de Belfort, France. Married Nicolas FLEURY he died 10 octobre 1780 at Delle, Territoire-de-Belfort, France. They a daughter: Marie Jeane FLEURY (43) DUPREL Lazari born about 1644 Arbois, Jura, France. Married Joanna BOUILLERET. They have a son: A. Jean Claudius DUPREL born 25 Oct 1686 Arbois, Jura, France. (44) DUPREL Madeleine born about 1630. Died La Creuse 70. Married Francois CHAPELET They have a son: A.Louis CHAPELET born about 1660 (45) DUPREL Catherine born about 1660 Oise, France. Married Pierre Desain 10 Sep 1680 Nacry? Oise, France. (46) DUPREL Henriettam born about 1695 Boncourt, Bern, Switzerland. Married Joannes Jacobus PECHIN 7 Nov 1719 at Delle Territorie, de Belfort, France. (47) DUPREL Pierre born about 1630 in Suisse or Pupillin, Arbois, Jura, France. Married Jeanne Galevaley. They have 4 children: A. Claudine DUPREL born 20 Jul 1650 in Pupillin. Married Jean GRUCELLE. Died 29 Oct 1722 Pupillin, Arbois, Jura, France. They have 8 Children all born Pupillin, Arbois, Jura, France. . B. Anatolia DUPREL AKA: Claude Anolia born 1654? Pupillin, Arbois, Jura, France. Married Claude BRUN about 1679. They have a daughter: 1. Francoise BRUN born 1680 Pupillin, Arbois, Jura, France. C. Denis DUPREL born 12 Feb 1657 Pupillin. D. Claude Denis DUPREL born 15 Jan 1661 Pupillin died 14 Jun 1691 (48) DUPREL Michel born about 1630 Oise, France. Married Catherine ESMERY. They have a dau Catherine DUPREL born about 1660 (49) DUPREL Gabriel born about 1755. Married 31 Jan 1781 at Fallon, France to Jeann Pierette JUIF born 26 Mar 1752 at Fallon, France, died 12 Jan 1818 at Fallon. (50) DUPREL Agathe married Louis LEBEGUE 26 Oct 1790 at Mouthiers-en-Puisaye., Bourgongne, France. (51) DUPREL Claude married Elisabeth PEQUIGNOT. They have 3 children all born Fallon, France. A. Barbe DUPREL born 30 Jan 1710/11. died 6 Apr 1776. Married Jean Baptiste GAUDEY. They have a son Claude GAUDEY BORN 1739 Fallon, France. B. Jean DUPREL born 26 Mar 1715. C. Anne DUPREL (52) DUPREL Georges married Jeanne Claudine MALBLANT. 2 known children both born Fallon. France. A. Barthelemy DUPREL born 15 Mar 1712/3 B. Claude DUPREL born 27 Oct 1714 (53) DUPREL Carl "Carlsen" born 6 Mar 1811 Norre, Jerlose, Holback, Denmark. son of Carl DUPREL and Mette JENSDR (54) DUPREL Adam (aka DUPRELZ) born Boncourt. Married Maurize GIRARDIN. They have 12 chilren: (see #169 below for more information) A. Louis DUPREZ born 7 Nov 1732 Delle, Territoire de Belfort, France. died Badevel? Doubs, France. B. Henry DUPRAY born 21 Jun 1637 Delle, Territoire de Belfort C. Jeanne DUPRAY born 10 Feb 1638/9 Delle, Territoire de Belfort.\ D. Verena DUPRELZ born 23 Feb 1644/45 Boncourt. E. Ephresine DUPRELZ born 3 Feb 1650/1 bONCOURT. F. Jean DUPRELZ born between 1652-1655 Boncourt, CH. G. David DUPRELZ born 28 Mar 1661 Boncourt, CH. (55) DUPREL Jean Jacques born 15 Feb 1718/19 Saint-Dizier-l'Eveque, Territorie de Belfort. son of Pierre DUPREY and Jeanne FERDEY (56) DUPRIL Susanna Maria married 14 Feb 1766 Ins, Bern, Switzerland to Peter Waeber. (57) DUPREL Jacobi baptized about 1670 married Joanna ____. They have 2 known children: A. Joanna DUPREL baptized 1717 married 1 Jul 1737 Delle, France to Franciscus BIZET. B. Joannes DUPREL baptized 1690 married Elisabetha MEUNIER 8 mAR 1731 Delle, Belfort, France They have 3 children: 1. Maria Joanna DUPREL born 1732 2. Maria Francisca DUPREL born 1734 3. Maria Catharina DUPREL born 1739 (58) DUPREL Claude originally from Fallon. Married 25 Apr 1679 tp Marguerite DARREL at Granges la Ville, Haute-Saone, France. Claude is the son of Antoine DUPREL and Jeanne POIREL. (59) DUPREL Pierre originally from Beveuge. Married 17 Jan 1684 Claude SAIGNEY at Granges la Ville, France. (60) DUPREL Bonne Francoise originally from Beveuge, France. Married at Granges la Ville on 3 Feb 1691 to Jean Baptiste COULOMB originally from Senargent. Bonne is the daughter of Michel DUPREL. Witness for marriage Georges DUPREL uncle & Jean DUPREL guardian. (61) DUPREL Isaac originally from Pont de Roide, France, son of Claude DUPREL married at Pont de Roide to Anne MARCOUS on 15 Nov 1701. (62) DUPREL Jacques originally from Ecurcey bor ca 1672, France, son of Claude DUPREL married 14 May 1702 at Pont de Roide, France to Marguerite DUPLESSIS originally from St. Dizier (Ajoie). Jacques died 8 Dec 1747 at Delle, Territoire de Belfort. age 75 (1 child) A. Jean DUPREL ou DUPRÉ born 9 Jan 1705 at Saint-Dizier, died 16 Apr 1773 at Delle. Married 8 May 1731 at Delle, Territoire de Belfort to Elisabeth MONIER ou MONNIER B. Marie Jean DUPREL ou DUPRE 1732 - 1760 C. Marie Francoise DUPREL ou DUPRÉ 1734 D. Marie Catherine DUPREL ou DUPRÉ 1739 1741 (63) DUPREL Jeanne originally from Fallon France, married at Accolans on 13 Nov 1703 to Joseph POETE. (64) DUPREL Noel originally from Pont de Roie, France, son of Francois DUPREL married at Pont de Roide to Elisabeth PARISOT. (65) DUPREL Anne originally from Fallon, France. Married at Fallon to Joseph PERNOT originally from Bournois on 21 Oct 1731. (66) DUPREL Barbe originally from Fallon, France. Married at Fallon to Jean Baptiste GAUDEY on 14 May 1732. (67) DUPREL Jean Nicolas (aka DUPREZ), married at Vellechevreux - Courbenans, France on 16 Feb 1734 to Jeanne Pierrette LIEFROIS. (68) DUPREL Andre orginally from Pont de Roide, France, married at Vermondans to ____ CAILLET on 21 Feb 1735. (69) DUPREL Marie Therese originally from Fallon, France, married Louis Joseph VUILLEMENOT originally from Melecey on 10 Feb 1735 at Fallon, France. (70) DUPREL Nicole originally from Chatey, married Jean Joseph AUBRY on 16 Oct 1736 at Pont de Roide, France. (71) DUPREL Pierette originally from Fallon, France, daughter of Jean Baptiste DUPREL (his profession: Laboureur) and Marie PEQUIGNOT Pierette married at Fallon on 26 Jun 1740 to Jean Baptiste RIVIERE (his profession: Meunier). (72) DUPREL Dorothee originally from Fallon, married Charles BOUCHER orginally of Le Petit-Magny on 18 Dec 1742 at Fallon, France. (73) DUPREL Jeanne Baptiste daughter of Nicolas DUPREL and Marie Marguerite HUMBERT. Jeanne married Claude Francois VIAM? originally from Sancey (his profession: Marchand) on 13 May 1743 at Pierrefontaine les Varans, France. (74) DUPREL Gabrielle age 18 daughter of DUPREL? (le pere est dit honorable) and Anne Marie HUMBERT married Claude Joseph FELT (his profession: Laboureur) on 23 Apr 1743 at Pierrefontaine les Varans, France. (75) DUPREL Francoise originally from Fallon, France. married Pierre REUCHE on 14 Nov 1745 at Fallon. (76) DUPREL Claude Francoise originally from Bourguignon-les-Chatel age 40 daughter of Jean Pierre DUPREL. she married Claude CASSARD on 8 Mar 1746 at Servin. (77) DUPREL Barbe originally of Fallon, France, married Jean Claude PAGOT originally of Petit-Magny on 17 Feb 1749 at Fallon. (78) DUPREL Alex age 33 profession: Salpetrier, originally from Bourguignon, son of Jean Pierre DUPREL and Claudine CHOPPARD. Alex married Anne Bidal age 30 originally from Servin? on 13 Jun 1752 at Servin. (79) DUPREL Jeanne originally from Fallon, France. married Claude BERNOD on 28 Jan 1755 at Fallon. Witness marriage: Joseph DUPREL, Bernod Toussaint, Casmair GASILLON, Josehp JOURDY. (80) DUPREL Pierrette age 39 originally from Vermondans, daughter of Isaac DUPREL (profession: Carbonnier) and Claude PIER. witness marriage:Jean Claude (frere) Pierrette married Jean Francois BILLON on 18 Sep 1755 at Pont de Roide, France. Jean Francois BILLON widower (veuf) of Catherine ROUGEOT. (81) DUPREL Jean Francois originally from Arc married Marie Francoise BILLOD on 10 Jul 1757 at Morteau, France. see below for childen. (82) DUPREL Guillaume married _____ DUPREL on 21 Feb 1757 at Fallon, France. (83) DUPREL Gabriel originally from Fallon, France, married Jeanne Therese GROSPERRIN on 24 Aug 1758 at Fallon. Witness marriage: Joseph DUPREL, Jean Baptiste DUPREL, Jacques GROSPERRIN, Guillaume GOGUEY. (84) DUPREL Claude Etienne originally from Villersexel, France, married Antoinette GOGUEY on 28 Jan 1759 at Fallon. Witmess marriage: Guillaume GOGUEY, Jacques GOGUEY, Antoine PAUVRET, Jean Baptiste RIVIERE. (85) DUPREL Jean age 40 profession: Cultivateur, orginally from Beveuge, France, married Claudine GODARD age 22 on 28 Nov 1761 at Vellechevreux - Courbenans. (86) DUPREL Marie Therese from Beveuge married Jean Baptiste BOUTON age 27 on 2 Jun 1761 at Vellechevreux - Courbenans. (87) DUPREL Jean Francois age 36, profession: Laboureur, originally from Fallon, France. Married Catherine QUIQUANT daughter of Jean Baptiste QUIQUANT profession: Salpetrier du Roy (note: Jean Baptiste QUIQUANT is deceased) (88) DUPREL Jean Baptiste originally from Fallon, France, married Claudine PERRIN originally from Abbenans on 11 Jan 1763 at Fallon. Witness marriage: Gabriel DUPREL, Pierre GAUDEY, Joseph JOBERT, Jacques PRAILEUR. (89) DUPREL Jacques Antoine originally from Fallon, France, married Marthe JOBERT on 12 Feb 1765 at Fallon. Witness marriage: Jean Francois DUPRÉ, Claude Etienne DUPREL, Gaspard DUPRÉ, Pierre Antoine JOBERT. (90) DUPREL Jeanne Francoise age 45, originally from Beveuge, married Claude BASSAND on 11 Nov 1766 at Vellechevreux - Courbenans (note: mariage à Rémondans) (91) DUPREL Jeanne age 38 originally from Fallon, France, married Pierre REVENANT age 40 on 13 Apr 1769 at Fallon. Witness marriage: Joseph GUAY, Pierre GAUDEY, Barthelemy GAUDEY, Jacques DUPREL. (92) DUPREL Jeanne Antoine originally from Fallon, married Pierre MILLOT on 26 Oct 1770 at Fallon. Witness marriage: Jean DUPREL, Jacques DUPREL, Guillaume DUPREL, Etienne DUPREL. (93) DUPREL Pierrette age 25 originally from Fallon, France, daughter of Pierre DUPREL (deceased) profession: Laboureu Pierrette married Jean Claude MAILLOT (profession: Laboureur) originally from Onans, on 19 Jan 1772 at Fallon. (94) DUPREL Theresa originally from Guyans Vennes, (note: journaliere) daughter of Antoine DUPREL and Marguerite TISSOT, married Jean Francois BURTEL on 30 Apr 1776 at Mancenans,France. (note: Jean Francois BURTEL veuf of Anne VUILLEMIN) (95) DUPREL Jeanne Fraoncoise age 20 daughter of Jean Duprel a Laboureur of Beveuge and Jeanne Claude GODARD. married Jean Francois BOURCARD age 28 on 14 Nov 1785 at Bournois, France. (96) DUPREL Claude Francois age 25, originally from Fallon, son of Claude DUPREL and Pierrette BRIER. married Claudinette JEANNERET age 23 profession: Meunier. at Fallon on 20 Feb 1786. Witness marriage: Gabriele DUPREL (frère). (97) DUPREL Alex profession: Laboureur, originally from Servin, France age of 70, son of Jean Pierre DUPREL and Claudine CHOPARD. Married Jeanne Claude CALLIER age 33, originally from Chaux les Passavant on 1786 at Servin. (98) DUPREL Claude Francoise age 23, originally from Servin? daughter of Jean Nicolas DUPREL and Francoise GRILLOT. Married Joseph CASSARD age 35, originally from Servin, France on 16 Oct 1786 at Servin. (99) DUPREL Pierre Louis born about 1747, profession: Ouvrier de forge, age 45, originally from Bourguignon. Married Catherine BONNOT, originally from Chatel on 7 Sep 1792 at Pont de Roide, France. (100) DUPREL Jeanne Rosaliere, daughter of Claude Francois DUPREL and Anne GIRARDOT. Married Jacques BONNOT age 38, profesion: Préposé de la douane. married at Geney, France on 7 May 1796. (101) DUPREL Jeanne Francoise age 34, daughter of Joseph DUPREL (profession: Tissier) and Claudine Vaillant. Married 21 Oct 1798 at Mignavillers, Frnace to Jean Nicolas CONXICOEUR, originally from Mignavillers, age 45, profession: Manouvrier. (see below) (102) DUPREL Antoinette age 21, born 15 DEc 1779, originally from Beveuge, France, daughter of Pierre DUPREL and Francoise METOZ. Married 30 Dec 1800 at Beveuge to Isidore MALCUIT age 24 born 5 Jan 1777, profession Cultivateur (note: demeurant à Senargent) (103) DUPREL Claude Francois age 40, originally from Fallon, profession: Cultivateur, Veuf of Anne GAUDEY, son of Gabriel DUPREL (Gabriel deceased Fallon) and Jeanne Therese GROPERIN, married Etiennette RUSSE age 31 on 14 Nov 1814 at Mancenans, France. (104) DUPREL Jeanne Claude age 30, profession: Cultivatrice, from Beveuge, daughter of Pierre DUPREL profession: Cultivateur and Jeanne Marguerite CHASSOT. Married Jean Baptiste MONROZ age 38, profession: Cultivateur, originally from Pont sur l'Oignon on 8 Apr 1823 at Beveuge, France. Witness marriage: Frnacois DUPRÉ, Francois Joseph DUPRÉ, Etienne BONNET. (105) DUPREL Pierre born about 1630 at Pupillin, Arbois, Jura, France married about 1645 at Pupillin to Jeanne GALVAROY. Children: A. Claudine DUPREL born 1650 Pupillin, Arbis, Jura, France (see #47 above for more information) (106) DUPREL Minnie married 1 Jun 1896 at Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA to Richard E. HAWKINS. (107) DUPREL Pierre (aka DU PRE) from: Fribourg, wife Claude PUGIN. 2 children: A. Guillaume Francois DUPREL born 14 Aug 1679 Morteau, Doubs, France B. Antoine DUPRE bron 4 Feb 1676 Morteau, Doubs, France (mothers name on record Claude GRONDONS. (108) DUPREL Georges born ca. 1680 father of Antoine DUPREL born 1706 - died 27 Nov 1723 at Fallon,France. (109) DUPREL Anne Marie born 12 Feb 1683 (twin) at Mandeure, France, daughter of Claude DUPREL and Claude EIRY? (110) DUPREL Marguerite born 12 Feb 1863 (twin) at Mandeure, France, daughter of Calude DUPREL and Claude EIRY? (111) DUPRELZ Isaac born 21 Mar 1676 at Montenois, France. son of Francois DUPRELZ and Anne. (112) DUPRELZ Noél born 3 Jan 1678 at Montenois, France. son of Francois DUPRELZ and Marie ____?. (113) DUPREL Francois (aka DUPRES) husband of Marie Francoise BILLOD. 3 known children. A. Marie Therese DUPREL born 4 Mar 1758 at Morteau. B. Marie Madeleine DUPRES born 23 Feb 1760 at Morteau. C. Francois Xavier Gabriel DUPRES born 2 Apr 1766 at Morteau. (114) DU PRE Antoine born Morteau 4 Feb 1676 son of Pierre Du Pre (aka DUPREL). Pierre (from Fribourg) and Claude GRONDONS. (115) DUPREL Marie Anne born 20 Nov 1738 at Pierrefontaine les Varans, France. daughter of Nicolas Duprel and Marie VILLEROT? (116) DUPREL Anne Francoise born 30 Oct 1701 at Pont de Roide, France. daughter of Claude DUPREL & Claude VALETTE. (117) DUPREL Claude born 9 Sep 1702 at Pont de Roide, France. son of Isaac DUPREL & Anne MARCOUX. (118) DUPREL Claude born 8 Mar 1703 at Pont de Roide, France. son of Jacques DUPREL. (119) DUPREL Andre BORN 12 Sep 1703 at Pont de Roide, France or Autechaux died 1746, son of Isaac DUPREL & Anne MARCOUX. Andre married 22 Jan 1726 at Saulnot to Marie HERARD, 3 known children. A. Jeanne DUPREL 1729 - 1780 married Jean Claude RAZE 1737-1767 B. Pierre Francoise DUPRÉ born 1731 C. Marguerite DUPREL born 1746 Saulnot. (120) DUPREL Jean Pirre born 24 Apr 1706 at Pont de Roide, France. son of Isaac DUPREL & Anne MARCOUX. (121) DUPREL Jean Jacques born 4 Dec 1797 at Pont de Roide, France. son of Isaac DUPREL & Anne MARCOUX. (122) DUPREL Jeanne Blaise born 10 Jun 1710 at Pont de Roide, France. daughter of Isaac DUPREL & Anne MARCOUX (123) DUPREL Claude Francoise born 23 Nov 1710 at Pont de Roide. daughTer of Jean Pierre DUPREL & Claude CHOPARD (124) DUPREL Hugues Joseph born 30 Aug 1711 at Pont de Roide, son of Isaac DUPREL & Anne MARCOUX. (125) DUPREL Jeanne Baptiste born 8 Feb 1712 at Pont de Roide daughter of Andre DUPREL & Claude GIRARDIN. (126) DUPREL Jean Nicolas born 7 Jun 1712 at Pont de Roide. son of Jean Pierre DUPREL. (127) DUPREL Joseph born 14 Nov 1714 at Pont de Roide. son of Noël DUPREL & Marie Elisabeth PARISOT. (128) DUPREL Anne Claude born 12 Mar 1715 at Pont de Roide. daughter of Andre DUPREL & Claude GIRARDIN. (129) DUPREL Pierre Francois born 26 Mar 1715 at Pont de Roide. son of Jean Pierre DUPREL & Claude CHOPARD. (130) DUPREL Alexis born 30 Dec 1717 at Pont de Roide. son of Jean Pierre DUPREL & Claude CHOPARD. (131) DUPREL Pierre Claude born 25 Feb 1736 at Pont de Roide. son of Andre DUPREL & Jeanne Claude CAILLET. (132) DUPREZ Jeanne Francoise born 10 Dec 1691 at Pont de Roide. daughter of Claude DUPREZ (aka DUPREL) and Claudine VALLETTE. (133) DUPREZ Anne Ursuel born 20 May 1695 at Pont de Roide. daughter of Claude DUPREL (aka DUPREL) and Claude VALLET. (134) DUPREL Anne Francoise born 10 Mar 1757 at Pont de Roide. daughter of Alexis DUPREL (profession Salpetrier) and Anne Francoise BIDAL. (135) DUPREL Claude Joseph Born 8 Feb 1764 at Servin, France, son of Jean DUPREL (profession Salpetrier) and Francoise GRILLOT. (136) DUPREL Jean Baptiste born 24 Oct 1792 at Servin, France. son of Alex DUPREL & Jeanne Claude CAILLIE. (137) DUPREL Pierre Humbert born 6 Jan 1714 at Vellechevreux et Courbenans. son of Georges DUPREL and Jeanne Claude HUDELOT. Witness birth record: Pierre Humbert DUPREL & Francoise LIEFFROY. (138) DUPREL Jean Francois born 22 Sep 1730 at Vellechevreux et Courbenans. son of Gabriel Joseph DUPREL and Jeanne Claude LIEFFROY. (139) DUPREL Pierre born 9 Dec 1762 at Vellechevreux et Courbenans, France. son of Jean Claude DUPREL and Jeanne Claude GODARD. (140) DUPREL Noel born 18 Aug 1701 at Villars sous Ecot, Doubs, France. son of Isaac DUPREL & Claudia PAIN. (141) DUPRET Claude Francois born 4 May 1759 at Ganges la Ville. son Joseph DUPRET (aka DUPREL) & Claudine VAILLANT. (142) DUPRET Guillaume age 21 originally from Fallon married 26 Apr 1774 at Granges la Ville, Haute-Saone, France. son of Claude Etienne DUPRET (aka DUPREL) and Marguerite RIVIERE to Jeanne Marguerite DANREY (note: Jacques DUPRE and Jean Francois DUPREL uncles). (143) DUPRE Jean Baptiste born 28 Mar 1773 at Granges la Ville. son of Joseph DUPREL (aka DUPREL / DUPRET / DUPREL) and Claudine VAILLANT. (144) DUPRES Claire death at Granges la Ville. daughter of Joseph DUPREL (aka DUPREL / DUPRET / DUPRE) and Claudine VAILLANT. (145) DUPRES Alexis death at Granges la Ville, France. son of Joseph DUPREL (aka DUPREL / DUPRE / DUPRET) Joseph's profession Tissier and Claudine VAILLANT. (146) DUPREZ Jeanne Francoise born 28 Dec 1734 at Granges la Ville, France. do of Jean Nicolas DUPREZ (aka DUPREL) and Jeanne Pierette LIEFFROY (aka LIEFROIS) (147) DUPREZ Jean Francois born 8 Feb 1735 at Granges la Ville, son of Joseph DUPREZ (aka DUPREL) and Jeanne Claude LIEFFROY. (148) DUPREZ Claude Francoise born 29 May 1736 at Granges la Ville. son of Gabriel Joseph DUPREZ (aka DUPREL) and Jeanne Claude LIEFFROY. (149) DUPREZ Gabriel Joseph born 10 Mar 1737 May 1736 at Granges la Ville. son of Jean Nicolas DUPREZ (aka DUPREL) and Jeanne Pierrette LIEFFROY. (150) deleted (151) DUPREL Jeanne born 4 Jun 1718 (enfant illegitime) at Fallon, France. daughter of Barbe JOBARD. (152) DUPREL Anne Claude born 15 Mar 1719 born at Fallon, France. daughter of Joseph DUPREL & Suzanne BRUN. (153) DUPREL Guillaume born 20 Oct 1720 at Fallon. son of Joseph DUPREL and Suzanne BRUN. Witness: Marie Duprel fille of Claude. (154) DUPREL Marguerite born 1 Jan 1721 at Fallon, daughter of Georges DUPREL & Jeanne Claude MALBLANC. (155) DUPREL Jean Claude born 28 Jul 1721 at Fallon. son Gaspard DUPREL & Pierette PEQUIGNOT. (156) DUPREL Georges born 13 Dec 1721 at Fallon. son of Jean Baptiste & Marie PEQUIGNOT. Witness: Marie DUPREL fille of Marie (157) DUPREL Marguerite born 2 Jun 1730 at Fallon. daughter of Jean DUPREL & Jeanne Baptiste HIEBELIN. (158) DUPREL Jean Francois born 25 Nov 1733 at Fallon. son of Claude DUPREL & Francoise VIVIER (of Velotte) (159) DUPREL Gabriel BORN 2 Dec 1770 born 2 Dec 1770 at Fallon. son of Jean Baptiste DUPREL & Claudine PERNIN. (160) DUPREL Anne Pierrette born 7 Feb 1775 at Fallon. daughter of Guillaume DUPREL & Jeanne Marguerite DENREY. (161) DUPREL Claude age 59 died 23 Apr 1715 at Fallon, France. (162) DUPREL Jean age 82 died 12 Jul 1736 at Fallon, Haute-Saone, France. (163) DUPREL Julie died 27 May 1916 at Gondenans Montby. (164) DUPREL Ferdinand baron et seigneur de Corcelle, comme mari et legitime administrateur des corps et biens de jame Jeanne-Beatrix de Thomassin, dame de Vougecourt.Claude de la Baume, seigneur de Mont-Saint-Leger genereux seigneur, Francois de Grachaux, seigneur de Rancourt. Eleonore de Chastenoy, dame de Villers-sur-Arce, de Villers-Saint-Marcelin et de Maranche; dame Louise d'Andelot, dame de Chemilly, Femme de genercux seigneur, Alexandre Baron de Vuiltz; venerable sicur, messire Francois Capitain, pretre, chanoine en l'eglise metropolitaine de Beasancon, etc. (165) PERROT dit DUPREL NOEL Antoine, married 1 known child: Etienne PERROT dit du PREL NOEL married 1661 to Jeanne JACOUTOT, they have 3 children, born (Le Pissoux & Le Pre NOEL) - Villers le Lac, France. (166) DUPRE Nicolas born 1709, died 7 Feb 1777 at Mignavillers, Haute-Saone, France. Married 18 Jan 1746 at Gouhenans, Haute-Saone, France to Jeanne Marguerite BOILLON born 22 Mar 1709 at Arpenans, Haute-Saone. 2 known children A. Jean Baptiste DUPREL born 28 Jan 1751, died 30 Aug 1804 at Mignavillers, Haute-Saone, France married 1st: Marie GENTY, 1 daugher Marguerite DUPREL 1784- 1784. married 2nd: Colette RIMEY on 30 Sep 1788 at Frotey-les-Lure, Haute-Saone, married 3rd: Jeanne Claude FRECHIN at Roye, Haute-Saone on 17 Aug 1790. B. Jeanne Francoise DUPRE born 1751, married 20 Jan 1784 at Granges la Ville, Haute-Saone to Antoine Francois SARAZIN (born 1753). (167) DUPREL Louis huissier royal St. Pierre de Pontpoint. Married 28 Oct 1621 to Nicolle PERSONNE, 2 children: A. Andre DUPREL receveur de l'abbaye St. Gervais de Fly. B. Marie DUPREL married 3 Feb 1648 at Roberval, Oise, Picardie, France to Pierre HYDEUX, 3 children. (168) DUPREL Jean BORN Malbrans, Doubs, France, died after 26 Jan 1714 married to ?? 1 known son: A.Estienne DUPREL born Malbrans, Doubsm, France. died after 26 Sept 1718 occupation Laboureur. Married Nicole PIGUET. 1 known child: 1. Antoine DUPREL born Malbrans, Doubs, married Anne PIGUET, marrige contract 26 Sep 1718. (169) DUPRELZ Adam born Boncourt, married Maurize GIRARDIN, she died 23 Mar 1684 at Boncourt. 12 known children: A. Louis DUPREZ born 7 Nov 1632 Delle Territorier de Belfort, died Baqdevel? Doubs, France. Married Marguerite BRETON 2 children: 1. Pierre DUPRAY born 12 Jul 1655 at Boncourt. 2. Jean DUPRAY born 2 Jul 1655 at Boncourt married 4 Jan 1680 at Boncourt Marguerite RICHE (ca 1650/60- 1730) (lots of descendants they used the DUPREL, DUPREZ & DUPRE surnames). a. Pierre DUPREY born 12 Nov 1680 at Boncourt, died 20 Nov 1756 at Lebetain, territorie of Belfort. maried 21 Jul 1705 at Saint-Dizier-l'Eveque territorie of Belfort to Jeanne "Marguerite" FERDEY (1688 - 1740). 8 known children 1. Marie Suzanne DUPREZ born 29 Dec 1706 at Lebetain 2. Georges DUPREL born 27 Feb 1708 at Lebetain, died 10 Feb 1769 at Lebetain, married Marie Elisabeth PRENEZ 3. Francois DUPREZ born 6 Jan 1711 at Lebetain. Married 25 Feb 1748 at Saint-Dizier-l'Eveque.Married 25 Feb 1748 to 1st to Maurize SANTAMARIA, Married 2nd after 1749 to Marie BIDAUX 4. Joseph DUPREY born 16 Aug 1713 at Lebetain, died 27 Dec 1776 at Lebetain married Marguerite Catherine BIDAUX (1717-1767) 8 children a. Jean Georges DUPRÉ born 17 Nov 1744 at Lebetain died 6 Apr 1780 at Lebetain. Married 8 Jan 1778 to Marie CUENIN. b. Jean Jacques DUPRÉ born 20 Mar 1747 at Lebetain, died 2 Oct 1761 at Lebetain. c. Joseph DUPREL born 21 Apr 1749 at Saint Dizier L Eveque, Territorie de Belfort. died 4 Apr 1802 at Lebetain. Married 8 Jan 1778 to Marie Jeanne CARRILLON at St. Dizier 5 children all born Lebetain: d. Elisabeth DUPREL born 5 Feb 1752 e. Marie Madeleine DUPREZ born 1753, Married 25 Feb 1783 to Joseph MAIRTE f. Francois DUPRÉ born 1755 died 10 Mar 1801.Married 24 Jan 1786 at Saint-Dizier to Marie FREDEY. 1. Joseph DUPREZ born 6 Dec 1793 at Lebetain, married 25 Mar 1813 to Marie Anne MICHELAT, married 2nd Marie Jeann PRENEZ on 25 Mar 1813 2. Francoise DUPREZ born 26 Oct 1797 died 14 Jul 1801. 3. Catherine DUPREZ born 21 Jul 1799 died 29 Jul 1873, married Jean "Francois" CLAIR at Saint=Dizier. g. Dizier Francois DUPREL born 20 Dec 1755, died 6 Aug 1771 at Lebetain h. Jeanne Marie DUPREL born 4 Aug 1758 i. Elisabeth DUPREL born 5 Feb 1762 DIED 31 Jul 1763 at Lebetain. 5. Joseph Hilarion DUPREY born 13 Jan 1716 at Lebetain. 6. Jean Jacques DUPREL born 15 Feb 1719 at Lebetain, died 16 Dec 1793 at Lebetain Married 24 Nov 1750 at Saint-Dizier to Clemence MICHELAT. 7. Marie Elisabeth DUPRE born 20 Apr 1722 at Lebetain. 8. Pierre DUPRE born 19 Jan 1725 at Lebetain. B. Henry DUPRAY born 1 Jun 1637 at Delle. C. Jeanne DUPRAY born 10 Feb 1639 at Delle, married Henry BANDELIER. D. Claudine DUPRAY born 27 Feb 1641 at Delle. E. Barbe DUPRAY born 18 Jul 1643 at Delle, married Benoit LARDON. F. Verena DUPRELZ born 23 Feb 1645 at Boncourt, died 19 Oct 1661 at Boncourt. G. Jacques DUPRAY born 21 Jul 1646 at Boncourt. H. Guillaume DUPRAY born 30 Nov 1647 at Boncourt. I. Esphresine DUPRELZ born 3 Feb 1651 at Boncourt. J. Jean DUPRELZ born Boncourt. K. Estiennette DUPRAY born 9 May 1655 at Boncourt I. David DUPRELZ born 28 Mar 1661 at Boncourt, died 20 Jan 1662 at Boncourt. (170) DUPREL Gabriel Leodigarus born 16 May 1732 at Fallon, Haute-Saone, France son of Joseph Duprel and Susanne BRUN. Gabriel married Marie Therese GROSPERIN. 2 children: A. Casimir DUPREL born 10 Oct 1770 at Abbenans, profession: Laboureur. Married Marguerite TRIBOULET (she died 1812) 1 child: 1. Francoise DUPREL born 1797 2. Claude Francois DUPREL born 3 May 1774 at Abbenans, France. (171) DUPREL Jean died 3 May 1764 at Chenevrey, Haute-Saone, France. Married Philiberte BERTRAND. (172) DUPREL Jeanne married 18 Jul 1730 at Besancon to Pierre Antoine VUILLAUME. (173) DUPREL Jeanne Francoise daughter of Jean Duprel (died 1686) and Catherine BOUVET. Jeanne married 26 Feb 1686 at Le Bizot to Claude Joseph VERDOT. 1 child. A. Anne Elisabeth VERDOT born 1702 (174) DUPREY Joseph born 16 Aug 1713 at Lebetain, Territoire de Belfort, died 27 Dec 1776. son of Pierre DUPREY (1680-1756) and Jeanne "Marguerite" FERDEY (1688 - 1740). Joseph married Marguerite Catherine BIDAUX (1717 - 1767) see #169 (above) for parents and siblings. 7 children: (175) DUPREL Claude born Malbrans, Doubs, France, died after 4 Feb 1727, profession: Laboureur Married to Marie LAMBERT (she died 1727) 1 child A. Estiennette DUPREL born Malbrans. Married to Guerrin VIOTET (176) DUPREL Estienne born Malbrans, Doubs, France, profession: Laboureur. son of Jean DUPREL and ??. married Nicole PIGUET (she died 1718)1 child A. Antoine DUPREL born Malbrans, Doubs, France. Married Anne Piguet (she died 1718) marriage contract dated 26 Sep 1718. (177) DUPRELL Nester born Dec 1862 Belgium, Married Tersia ? ? born Belgium. Years married 18 Immigration year: 1884. Family residence for the 1900 U.S. Census: Alexandria City Indiana, USA. 5 children all born Pennsylvania. A. John DUPRELL born Jan 1885 B. Joseph DUPRELL born Jun 1888 C. Alice DUPRELL born May 1890 D. Mary DUPRELL born Sep 1892 E. Marha DUPRELL born Nov 1895 (178) DUPREL Pierre born SUISSE, married to Jeanne GALEVALEY (ca 1624 - 1694) 3 children A. Claudine DUPREL born 20 Jul 1650 Pupillin, died 29 Oct 1722 at Pupillin. married Jean GRUCELLE (ca 1640 - 1690) B. Anatolia DUPREL 1654 C. Denis DUPREL 1657 D. Claude Denis DUPREL 1661 - 1691 (179) DUPREL Claude Francoise born about 1702, died 30 Nov 1746 at Lomont, Haute-Saone, France married before 1725 to Charles TERRIER, he born 19 Jan 1705 at Lomont. (180) DUPREEL Guislain, Clerk for the baron de LUCHEUX in 1701. Married 4 Feb 1698 at Arras, Paroisse Saint-Etienne to Marguerite THORILLON. 4 children: A. Marie Marguerite DUPREEL ca. 1698 - 1745 B. Charlotte DUPREEL born ca. 1699 C. Honoree DUPREEL born ca. 1701 D. Louis Joseph Guislain DUPREEL born ca. 1704 (181) DUPREEL Jean died before 17 Nov 1725. Lieutenant de Gaudiempre. Married Marie Guislaine DeMAILLY. aux Tailles en 1727. Married Marie Magdeleine SEBERT 3 children: A. Marie Jeanne DUPREEL born ca. 1716 B. Jeanne Robertine DUPREEL ca. 1719 - 1749 C. Marie Marguerite DUPREL born ca. 1723. (182) DUPREEL Nicaise, Moleur de moulin. Married Antoinette THIBAULT. 1 child: A. Jeanne DUPREEL Married Pierre Francois GRAND in 1649 (183) DUPRES Antoinette born 1780 at Beveuge, Haut-Saone, France. died 21 May 1850 at Senargent. Daughter of Pierre DUPREL and Francoise METOZ. Antoinette married Isidore MALCUIT ON 30 Dec 1800 at Beveuge. (184) DUPREL Bessie born 1862 Savanna, GA. USA died 4 Jan 1909 Philadelphia, PA. USA age 47, occupation Housekeeper, Race: Colored, Married. (185) DUPREL Chaz died 12 Apr 1919 at Bay City, TX. USA age 34, Parents: Gus DUPREL & Marncy ??. (186) DUPREL Minnie, married Richad E. HAWKINS on 2 Jun 1896 at Chicago, Cook, IL. USA bride age 23, groom age 21. (187) DUPREL Benjamine (source 1860 U.S. Census) age 29, born North Caroline, USA. Residence: Schuyler, MO., USA. (188) DUPREL Ardell (source Florida State Census, 1935) Married to Viva ??, Race: White, Residence: Hillsborough, FL.USA, age 34, Estimated birth year: 1901, Birth place: Florida. 4 children: A. John DUPREL age 5, Born: Flordia, USA. B. Pauline DUPREL age 7, Born: Flordia, USA. C. JW DUPREL age 11, Born: Flordia, USA. D. Louise DUPREL age 9, Born: Flordia, USA. (189) DUPREL Clarence (source Florida State Census, 1935) age 21, Born: Flordia, USA Race: White, Residence: Hillsborough, FL. USA brother to Ardell Duprel (see #188 above) (190) DUPREL Josephine married Andrew PARADISE. 1 know son: A. Ovila PARADISE born Canada, died age 32 at Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA. Married. (source Massachusetts Death Records) (191) DUPREL JP, (source U.S. Census 1870) Age: 65, born: South Carolina, USA Race: White. (192) DUPREL Mary (source U.S. Census 1870) Age: 45, born: New York, Residence Michigan, USA Race: White (193) DUPREL William (source U.S. Census 1870) Age: 50, born: France, Residence Michigan, USA Race: White (194) DUPREL Charles (source U.S. Census 1870) Age: 16, born: New York, USA Residence Michigan, Race: White (195) DUPREL Alice married George THOMAS. daughter: Sallie THOMAS age 53, died 21 Jan 1953 at Marlboro, SC, USA married James CAMPBELL. (196) DUPREL Mary E. born at Natural Bridge, AL. USA died 17 Jun 1933 at Haleyville, Winston, AL. age 56y 4m 2d, daughter of T.G. DUPREL and Nicy D. PRICE. married M.L. Fondren, Race: white. (source: Family Search records online) (197) DUPREL Catherine died 14 Mar 1934 Ashford, Houston, AL.USA age 72.(source: Family Search records online) (198) DUPRAL Maria (source: New York, USA Passenger Arrival List). Ship Arrival date: 31 Aug 1906, age 29. Departure port name: Havre, Ship name: La Provence. Residence: London, Nationality: French Marital status: single (199) DUPRAL Marie (source: New York, USA Passenger Arrival List). Ship Arrival date: 1 Sep 1913, age 36. Departure port name: Cherbourg, France. Ship name: George Washington. Residence: Paris, Nationality: French, Marital status: single (probably the same person as #198 above) (200) DUPRAL Cornelius (source: U.S. Census 1880) born: 1836 in the Netherlands, Residence: Rochester Monre, New York, age 44, Occupation: Taylor, married to Wilhelmina DUPRAL age 47, born Netherlands. Race: white. 3 children: A. Derik DUPRAL born 1869 Netherlands. B. Annie DUPRAL born 1865 Netherlands. C. John DUPRAL born 1873 Netherlands. (201) DUPRAL Juana married Salvador HIDALGO. there daughter, Maria Rosario HIDALGO born: 21 Dec 1894 Christening date: 15 Jul 1895 at Nuestra Senora de la Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. (source: Mexico Baptisms 1700-1900 Family Search online) (202) DUPRAL Emma daughter of Augustus DUPRAL and Delinie JORDON. Emma married Adolph BONENFANT on 25 Feb 1906 at Stoneham, Massachuestts, bride age 21, born Canada, groom age 20 born Nashua, NH. USA. (203) DUPRIL Jean-Antoine born about 1718, 1st marriage, Marie-Barbe LAMBERT born ca 1720. 2nd marriage, Marie-Thérèse NONON born ca 1727. They were married on 17 August 1758,at Loudrefing,France. (204) DEPREL François, married 17 August 1700, at Dijon, FRANCE, to Jeanne MORELET, born April 1658, (205) DEPREL Claude born Vigneron, son of Nicolas DEPREL and Petra DAINE, married about 1737, at Perrigny, Jura,Franche-Comté,FRANCE, to Jeanne Marie DUBAN she died 1766, 1 child: A. Jeanne Baptiste DESPRES born 7 January 1741 at Perrigny, Jura,Franche-Comté,FRANCE, Died 13 February 1802 at St Lamain, Jura,Franche-Comté,FRANCE , Profession: Cultivatrice, Married 21 January 1766, at St Lamain to Hypolyte CORDIER ca 1735-1806. (206) DUPREL Michel Alfred born 30 November 1829 at Bondeville Notre Dame. Married 29 April 1854, at Valailles, to Rose Natalie Biset (Bizet). (207) DUPREL Jean DUPREL died before February 1686, Married Catherine BOUVET (1 child): A. Jeanne Françoise DUPREL married 26 February 1686 at Le Bizot to Claude Joseph VERDOT (1 child) 1. Anne Elisabeth VERDOT born 1702 (208) DuPREL Martha born 19 Jul 1901 Belgium. died about Dec 1963. Married Pierre NENNO in 1915 at Dotson, Jackson, Missouri. (209) DUPRELL John born 1865 in Belgium, Married Katharine ? ? born 1861 in Belgium, married 13 years, 8 children, 2 living (Source 1900 U.S. Census). Residence: Butler, PA. A. Frank DUPRELL born May 1891 in Pennsylvania, USA. B. Alice DUPRELL born Nov 1891 in Pennsylvania, USA. (210) DUPRELL Charles born Feb 1864 in Canada (Fr) married Celema DUPRELL born Jun 1869 in Canada (Fr). (Source 1900 U.S. Census) Residence Prospect & Trenton Village, Oneida, New York USA. 4 children. A. Harry DUPRELL born Jun 1888 in Canada (Fr) B. Josephene DUPRELL born Mar 1891 in Canada (Fr) C. Lorenzo DUPRELL born Feb 1896 in Canada (Fr) D. Laross DUPRELL born Jun 1897 in New York, USA. (211) DUPREEL Noel born 1621, died 20 Aug 1703 at Gaudiempre Pas-de-Calais, France. Married Marguerite DELAPORTE, born 1637, died 16 Oct 1702. 1 known child. A. Noel DUPREEL born 1651, died 8 Jan 1695 at Humbercamps, Pas-de-Calais, France. Occupation Cordonnier (shoemaker). Married Anne LePERNE born 1670, died 21 Dec 1730. 1 known child. 1. Andre DUPREEL born 1691, died 27 Aug 1731 at Humbercamps. Married Marie Jeanne MONCOMBLE born 1 Aug 1695 at Bailleulmont, Pas-de-Calais, died 20 Jun 1764 at Humbercamps. daughter of Thomas MONCOMBLE and Marie Marguerite DESAILLY. 1 know child. a. Marie Barbe DUPREEL born 17 Jul 1724 at Humbercamps, died 17 Apr 1777, Married 23 Nov 1751 to Charles Philippe FALEMPIN. (212) DUPREEL Auguste Fleuri born 21 Nov 1817 Air Sur la Lys, Pas-de-Calais, France. died 1891. Married Stephanie VERROUST born 21 Sep 1808 at Watten, Nord, France. died 1897 Paris, France; son of Jean Baptiste Gregore DUPREEL and Anne Marie Allain deTOURNEBRIDE. 4 known children. A. Elise Marie Josephine DUPREL born 1843 at Watten, married Paul Auguste Ernest PECHEUX died 1909 at Gournay sur Marne, France. B. Gustave DUPREEL born 1845 C. Anne DUPREEL born 1847 D. Josephine DUPREEL born 1847 (213) DU PRELL born Prussia, married Josephi JANSEN. 1 daughter: Anna Magdalena JANSEN born 14 Mar 1764 at Heinsberg, Rheinland, Prussia. (214) DUPREL Emanuell or Emanwell christened on 21 Apr 1588. He resided at St. Botolph, London, England. son of Charles DUPREL. (215) Du PREL Jacques married Marie Le PERS. Residence: Threadneedle Street, London, Engliand. 1 child. A. Philipe Du PREL, christened 10 Dec 1682. (216) DU PRAEL Jan married to Sara Le ROU. they have 12 known children.All christened London England. Treadneedle Street. A. Anne DU PRAEL christened 9 Feb 1623.Treadneedle Street. B. Susanne DU PRAIELLE christened 3 Mar 1633. C. Sara DU PRAIELLE christened 25 Oct 1629. D. Samuel DU PRAIELLE christened 16 Nov 1628. E. Samuel DU PRAIELE christened 28 Jun 1612. F. Paul DU PRAIELLE christened 30 Jan 1625. G. Jonathan DU PRAIELLE christened 8 Feb 1618. H. Jonathan DU PRAIELLE christened 10 Jun 1627. I. Jehan DU PRAEILLE christened 9 Jan 1614. J. Jean DU PRIELL christened 5 Nov 1615. K. Jean DU PRAIELLE christened 3 Aug 1634. L. Anne DU PRIELLE christened 14 May 1637. (217) DUPRELL Nancy born Misissippi, USA. married John SMITH born Alabama. 1 known child: A. Martha SMITH died 6 Aug 1927 at Belton, Bell, Texas, USA. married surname NASH she died at age 57 years 8 months, she was born Alabama. and was widowed at the time of her death

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