Anton Friedrich was born 11 Nov 1660 at Mamer?, Luxembourg. His birth record/entry is in the Sepftontaines Parish records. Anton Friedrich MAMER married Anna ENNER about 1691. Anton and Anna have 12 known children all born in Septfontaines. It's known from their children's records, that the children were born in the house known as "Friedges house" (close to the Church). Anton's descendants were known by this house name. Friedges comes from the given name "Friedrich". Anton died 11 May 1724 and Anna on 13 Nov 1723, both died at Septfontaines.
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In 1680 Friedrich MAMER was residing at the house known as "Friedges (Kaischen) house Nr.55" in Septfontaines, Luxembourg. In the year 1751 Margaretha MAMER daughter of Anton Friedrich MAMER resided at this house with her husband Mathias WEYLER. In the 1700s the WEYLER / WEILER family shared the house with the MAMER family. The WEYLER family also had the Friedges /Fridtges house name associated with their surname. Example: On the side of a FRIDTGES baptismal record we find the name Joannes Baptiste Fridtges, a closer examination of the record reveals that Joannes Baptiste is the natural son of Catharina WEYLER seu (whether ....or) FRIDTGES. WEYLER is the surname and FRIDTGES is the house name. Using House Names in place of surnames is a Luxembourg/German custom. House names is a custom that took place in Luxembourg before the year 1780, it was to designate individuals not by their family name, but by the traditional name of the house the were born / resided in.

Septfontaines, Luxembourg
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I agree with other researchers that Anton Friedrich is the progenitor of the MAMER family in Septfontaines, Luxembourg and that his house was known as the Friedges house. A book on Septfontaines, house names "Haus un Familienchronk Simmern 1654 - 1985" mentions in 1680 a Friedrich MAMER was living at the Friedges / Kaischen house Nr. 55.. I conclude that Anton Friedrich and Friedrich MAMER are the same person.

The early records for Septfontaines do not have much information on Anton nor his family, but sometimes you can learn (get a clue) from what is missing in a record. On Anton Friedrich's birth record the fathers name is not listed, only the mothers name Margaretha PETERS of 7born and the godparents names, Anton PETERS and a Katharina LENTZEN
Anton Mamers's birth record
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underneath Anton Friedrich's surname (by the side of the record) it is written that Anton Friedrich from Mameren (von Mameren) this is unusual because his mother's residence is 7born. In German it would be written as Siebenborn, in French as Septfontaines and in Luxembourg as Simmern. The other records on the same page have the children as being from the same location as the parents. Explation he was born in Mamer and since his mother reside in Sepftontaines his birth information was listed in the Sepftontaines Parish records. I found a baptismal record for a Elisabeth PETERS. Elisabeth's baptismal record reads she was born in 1665 at 7born and she is the daughter of Friderici and Margaretha PETERS of 7born.

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An old naming custom used in giving surnames to individuals was to name them after a location or the town they were from. If asked to make an educated guess why Anton was known by the MAMER surname, I would reply that it had to do with him being from/born in Mamer / Mameren. The town of Mamer is only a few miles south of Septfontaines. The town of Mamer is thought to be named for the de MAMEREN / MAMERANUS family (1500s).

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