descendants of Michiel DeMOTT

1. Michiel DeMOTT #334 born abt 1640, France. ?, married Annetje HENDRICKS #335, born 1656, Netherlands?, (step-daughter of Anthony Janson WESTBROEK #341 and daughter of Orseltje DIRCKS #342) died aft 1693, NY. Michiel died abt 1715. SOURCE: LDS Film #1035591, Malla DeMotte, DAR #338969 & 0842587 The book DeMotte & Allied Families, Published 1953 by Phoebe DeMotte Norman & Estella DeMotte Craig, Hoes Baptismal Register Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY SOURCE #2: Family Tree Maker WFT disk #3 & #7

Family Story

Michiel DeMOTT came to America by the way of Holland. His name appears in the records of Kingston as early as 1665. He is said to have first lived for a short time in New Amsterdam before buying land from the Indians in a French settlement in the Esopus. It is not known just where this French setlement was located. Esopus was originallly a general name of a large and indefinite tract of country owned by a tribe of Indians by that name. Later Michiel is mentioned as living in Wiltwyk - a Dutch settlement. Early records of the De Mott family are meager. After our branch of the family reached America most of the baptismal and marriage records can be found in the old records of the Dutch Reformed Church. The name has been spelled variously - De Motte, De Mott, De Modt, De Moedt, De Moth, De Muth, Demut, de Mot, Demott, Modt, Mott.

Annetje: SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Malla DeMotte Louny DAR # 338969. Charles Acree Nov 2001.

The name of Annetje step-father Anthony does not appear in the list of early inhabitants of Albany, but Cornelis Tenissen Van Wesbrouck is given in the first volume of "Annals of Albany" by Joel Mansell, as a settler in Albany in 1631. As Teunis is the Dutch name for Anthony, The English translation of the above is, Cornelius Anthony of Wesbrouck. This may have been shortened to Anthony Wesbrouck. However that is conjecture.

The births of four of Ante and Michiel children are recorded in the old Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston NY. A son Anthony, is mentioned in histories but no birth record has been found. He may have been born before the births of the Kingston Church were recorded.

I also have seen her birth information as ca 1654 at Hellegersberg, Netherlands this source comes from the Family Tree Maker disk number 3 ALIAS: Armetze / Annetie / Westbrook / Wesbrouck / Hendricks


+ 2. i Maria DeMOTT #4557 born 22 Dec 1678.

+ 3. ii Johannes DeMOTT #337 born 1682.

+ 4. iii Dirck DeMOTT #338 born 21 Sep 1684.

+ 5. iv Anthony DeMOTT #336 born 1686.

+ 6. v Michiel DeMOTT #4558 born 1 Jan 1687.

7. vi Hendrick DeMOTT #4497 born Kingston, NY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591. AKA: Henry

+ 8. vii Mathias DeMOTT #4762 born abt 1680.

9. viii Liber DeMOTT #11691 born abt 1689, married _____ JOHNSON #11692. Liber had a Will it was dated 7 Jan 1747 or 8 and was proven 10 Apr 1760 in Queens County, NY. In this Will she mentions most of her brothers and their children. At the time of the Wills making she was a Gentlewoman of Hempstead, in Queens County NY. ALIAS: Elizabeth On the family tree cd disk #13 I found a Elizabeth De Mott who married Harmen Jansen. The family group sheet has her parents as Michael De Mott and Annetie Hendricks and her birth date as abt 1689 death date as bef 1760

Liber Johnson (DeMott) Will from the book Abstracts of Wills Vol V 1754-1760 page 3.

In the name of God, Amen, January 7, 1747/8. I, Liber Johnson, of Hempstead, in Queens County, Gentlewoman, being in good health. "I commit my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner," and all debts and charges to be paid. I leave to my cousin (nephew) Michael De Mott, son of my brother, Martine De Mott, oe5. to my cousin (niece) Ann De Mott daughter of my said brother, oe5. To my brother, Anthony De Mott, oe12. To my cousins , Altie Van Nostrand and Elsie Van Nostrand, granddaughters of my brother, Anthony De Mott, oe50 between them. To my cousin, Allactie Remsen, wife of Rem Remsen, oe40. To my cousins, Mary, John and Anthony Remsen, children of my cousin, Rem Remsen and Allactie his wife, oe60. To my cousins, John and Anthony De Mott, grandsons of my brother Anthony De Mott, each oe5. To my cousin Elizabeth Oakce (Oakes?), daughter of Abraham Oakce and Ann his wife, deceased, oe50 and my gold buttons. To my cousins, Michael and Abraham De Mott, sons of my deceased brother , Doreck De Mott, each oe5. To my cousin Ann De Mott daughter of my deceased brother, Johanes De Mott, oe35. To my cousins, Ann De Mott, Elizabeth Oakce, Allactie Remsen, and Elizabeth Green, all my wearing apparell. To my cousin Elizabeth , one of the daughters of my deceased brother, Joanes De Mott, oe5. to my cousin, Mary Middlock daughter of my deceased brother Johanes, oe5. To my cousin, Elinor Green, wife of Richard Green, oe18. To my cousin, Elizabeth Green, daughter of Richard Green and Elinor his wife, oe50. To my cousin, Johanes De Mott, grandson of my brother, Michael De Mott, oe5. To my cousin, Margaret Gold, daughter of my brother, Michael De Mott, oe10. To my brother, Michael De Mott, oe5. All the rest of the estate is left to the persons above named. I make my brother, Anthony De Mott, and Rem Remsen, executors.

Witnesses, Richard Everitt, James Everitt, Richard Everitt, Jr. Proved in Queens County, April 10, 1760, before Samuel Clowes, Surrogate. _____: ALIAS: Harmen Jansen. source Family Tree Maker FTW disk #3

+ 10. ix Martine DeMOTT #11694.

11. x Jacob DeMOTT #17541 born 1691, Kingston, Ulster, NY., married Maria TEUNIS #18565. SOURCE: Kiristin Robinston. Seattle, WA. 1998 the family tree cd disk #13 has his parents as Michael De Mott and Annetie Hendricks, and his birth date as abt 1691

Second Generation

2. Maria DeMOTT #4557 (1.Michiel1) born 22 Dec 1678, Hurley, NY., married 1694, Hendrick ATEN #13017, born 1661, Flatbush, Kings CO. NY., (son of Adrian Hendrickse ATEN #13018 and J. T. _____ #13019) died 19 Jul 1750, Foster's Meadow, Long Island, NY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591. In "Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society," Vol. 7, is found a reference to the marriage of Maria DeMott, daughter of Michael and Ante Wesbrouck DeMott, of Kingston, Ny. to Hendrick Aten of Foster Meadow, Long Island, Ny. Anthony DeMott a witness is spoken of as Hendrick's brother-in-law In the same volume is mentioned the marriage of Johannes DeMott to Marie Aten sister of Hendrick, sometime before 1707.

Marya / Maria's grandmother Orsseltie Jans (Orsseltie Dirxs) was sole sponser of the child Marya, of Michiel de Moth, Annetie Westbroek, baptized at Hurley (near Kingston) ALIAS: Wesbrouek. / Marya / Mariya RECORDS: Childrens baptismal records. Hendrick: Will dated 10 Feb 1749 Hempstead, NY ALIAS: Henry / ATER Will of Henry Ater: Page 311.-- In the name of God, Amen, February 10, 1749, I, Henry Ater, of the town of Hempstead, yeoman, being very aged and infirm, I leave to my wife Mary the income of all monies that shall belong to me while she remains my widow, and the use of all househld goods and movables, "so long as she doth not commit no embezalment nor waste so long as she doth continue my widow." All the rest of my estate after the marriage or death of my wife, to my children, Adezayan Ater, Pamela Ater, Elizabeth Rainer, and Mary Alburtis. I make my sons in law, Anthony De Mott, John Alburtis, and Aaron Place, executors.

Witnesses, Richard Everitt, Nakes Alburtis, Aaron burtis. Proved, February 4, 1750.


+ 12. i Adrian Hendrickse ATEN #11703 born 24 Oct 1693.

13. ii Powell ATEN #11704 born 1700, married Maria VANNEST #13948. Powell died 1782. Maria: AKA: Van Nesta

14. iii Judick ATEN #13949 born 1705, married 1722, Cornelius LOW #13950. Judick died 1722.

+ 15. iv Elizabeth ATEN #11705 born 20 Aug 1713.

16. v Mary ATEN #11706 born 27 Apr 1715, Jamaica, NY., married James ALBURTIS #11708. Mary died 1802. James: ALIAS: John / Arthur Alburtis SOURCE: Family Tree Maker WFT disk #3

3. Johannes DeMOTT #337 (1.Michiel1) born 1682, Kingston, NY., Baptized: 8 Oct 1682, Horley, NY., Occupation yoeman, married 1707, in Kingston, NY., Marytie ATEN #4563, born 1678, (daughter of Adrian Hendrickse ATEN #13018 and Elisabeth Thomas LUBBERTS #15720) died 1715. Johannes died 1715, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 His wife Marie and his sister husband Hendrick Aten were brother and sister. His will is dated 13 June 1715 & probated 20 Sep 1715 ALIAS: De Mote RESIDENCE: Hempstead, NY Will of Johannis De Mote of Hempstead, yeoman, 13 June 1715. To wife Mary 50 francs, and use of estate till my son Johannis reaches age of 21, when he shall inherit the lands. If Mary marries again the moveables to be divided among my five children; Elizabeth, Annache, Mary, Peterche, & Johannis. Johannis shall pay my dau. Elizabeth 30 francs when she is 20; to my dau mary 30 francs when she is 22; to my dau Peterche 30 francs when she is 24; and to dau Anache 30 francs when she is 23. Exrs: my father-in-law Henry Outer & my two bros. Anthony De Mote & Christian Snedicure. Wits: Charles Durlandt, John Langden, & Thomas Whitehard. Pro 20 Sept 1715. Sponsor at baptismal was his uncle Johannes Wesbrouck Marytie: She has a brother Henri, He married Mary they had dau Elizabeth Aten born 20 Oct 1713 in Jamica, Ny. ALIAS: Mary / Marretie / Ater /


17. i Elizabeth DeMOTT #13529 born 7 Oct 1707, Jamaica, NY. Alias: Else / De Mote

18. ii Annettie DeMOTT #4801 born 26 Apr 1709, Jamaica, NY. ALIAS: Annache De Mote

+ 19. iii Marretie DeMOTT #4800 born 6 Mar 1711.

+ 20. iv Pistronelletie DeMOTT #4799 born 10 Mar 1713.

+ 21. v Johannes DeMOTT #4797 born 5 Oct 1714.

4. Dirck DeMOTT #338 (1.Michiel1) born 21 Sep 1684, Kingston, Ulster, NY., married 1709, in Jamaica, Long Island, NY, Styntie HAFF #339, born 5 Aug 1683, Gravesend, Flatlands, Kingston, NY, (daughter of Lourens Jurianse HAFF #4495 and Kniertie Pieters MEET #4496) died 25 Jun 1777, North Branch, Somerset Co, NY. Dirck died 14 Jul 1753, Somerset Co, NJ. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Malla DeMotte, DAR # 338969. ALIAS: de Moth, Demott, de Mott, De Mott, De Mot, Demoet, Demot, DeMotte, Mott.

He settled first in Jamaica Long Island, then moved to New Jersey. Elder in North Branch NJ. Reformed Dutch Churh in 1736. It has been said that all Somerset county New Jersey DeMotts, are descended for Dirck.

SOURCE #2: The DeMotte and Allied families 1665-1977, by Louis Benard DeMotte and Mildred Lone DeMotte. SOURCE #3: The Somerset Co Historial Quarterly Vol #5. Speaks of him as settling in the neighborhood of Neshanic, NJ. and states that all the Somerset DeMotts descended from this Dirck. Styntie: SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Malla DeMotte DAR # 338969

I have seen Richards wife last name written as Styntie and Haff. In the book De Motte a Huguenot family, by Estella DeMotte Craig it is listed as Haff. You can find this book on LDS film # 1019523. on the same film is a book called the DeMotte and Allied Families by Poebe DeMotte Norman and Estella DeMotte Craig. Published in 1953. In it Christina last name is Styntie not Haff. In Malla DeMotte Loung notes she has the last name of Richards wife as Styntie. In my Dutch name list Styntie is the same as Christina in English. ALIAS: Christina Haff, Christina Styntie


+ 22. i Michael DeMOTT #4564 born 6 Jun 1710.

+ 23. ii Kniertie DeMOTT #4565 born 7 Oct 1712.

24. iii Ida DeMOTT #4570 born 28 Nov 1715, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591

+ 25. iv Johannes DeMOTT #4566 born 1 Apr 1716.

26. v Lourens DeMOTT #4567 born 30 Aug 1718, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591

+ 27. vi Laurens DeMOTT #340 born 25 Oct 1719.

28. vii Abraham DeMOTT #4569 born 10 Dec 1721, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 in the will of his aunt Liber Johnson (De Mott) he was to receive oe5.

+ 29. viii Jacob DeMOTT #4571 born 24 Dec 1727.

30. ix Isaac DeMOTT #4572 born 1729, Jamaica, NY., married 29 Aug 1770, in Amwell Church, Hunterdon, NJ., Abigail HOAGLAND #23125. Isaac died 1782. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 I suspect that Mavirja / Molle and Abigail Hoagland are the same person.


+ i Richard DeMOTT #159 born 1758.

ii Sara DeMOTT #22545 born 1764.

iii Stenthe DeMOTT #22546 born 1765.

iv David DeMOTT #22547 born 1768.

5. Anthony DeMOTT #336 (1.Michiel1) born 1686, Kingston, NY., married 7 Aug 1707, in Gowanus, Long Island, NY., Elsje BLAUW #3723, born 1689, Jamaica, NY., (daughter of Jan BLAUW #13038 and Aeltie JANSEN #13039). Elsje: SOURCE: The Blauw/Blue family history compiled by Willam Blue ALIAS: Elsie


+ 31. i Antje DeMOTT #5119 born 24 Apr 1709.

32. ii Allache DeMOTT #18182 born 1710, Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

+ 33. iii Michiel DeMOTT #4796 born 1 Jun 1715.

+ 35. v John DeMOTT #11693 born 1721.

6. Michiel DeMOTT #4558 (1.Michiel1) born 1 Jan 1687, Kingston, NY., Occupation Blacksmith / Farmer, married Mar 1714, Dina BLAUW #4791, born 25 Mar 1687, Brooklin, NY, (daughter of Jan BLAUW #13038 and Aeltie JANSEN #13039). SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 ALIAS: Machgiel, Magiel, Michael DeMoedt, de Mot Michael de Mott purchased a tract of land lying between the hills of the Pequannack river in Morris county New Jersey, known as Pompton Plains. The paper for his land was given October 9, 1704, He soon after removed from Bergen county to the new estate and located, built and lived in the house still standing and known as the "De Mott Place" He was a blacksmith by trade, also a farmer by occupation, and he built his blacksmith shop at the south end of his dewelling his house and atached to it.

SOURCE: State of New Jersey Historical Society page 899 Dina: SOURCE: Blaw / Blue family history compiled by William H. Blue ALIAS: Deyna, Merreom / Dyna


36. i Richard DeMOTT #18222. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998 Richard settled in Raritan, New Jersey

37. ii Margaret DeMOTT #11701 married _____ GOLD #11702. SOURCE: Liber DeMott Johnson Will dated 7 Jan 1747 or 8 Queens, NY

+ 38. iii Aelite DeMOTT #4793 born 21 Sep 1718.

39. iv Aeltie DeMOTT #4792 born 5 Jul 1720, Jamaica, NY., died 23 May 1805, Hempstead, NY. AKA: Alice

+ 40. v Michael DeMOTT #18221.

41. vi Jan DeMOTT #4794 born 4 Jul 1725, Jamaica, NY. DUTCH NAME: Jan is John in English

+ 143. v Anthony DeMOTT #18197. born 22 Jun 1729, Jamaica, NY. ALIAS: demot (given name) Anthony Was mentioned in Liber DeMott-Johnson Will dated 7 Jan 1747 or 8. in it he was given 5 French franks.

8. Mathias DeMOTT #4762 (1.Michiel1) born abt 1680, Kingston, NY., married 6 May 1705, in Hackensack, NJ., Margrietje BRINCKERHOFF #4763, born 13 Jun 1671, Hackensack, NJ., (daughter of Hendrick BRINCKERHOFF #5100 and Claesie BOOMGAERT #5101) died 12 Dec 1754, Bergen, NJ. Mathias died 20 Mar 1756, Bergen, NJ. ALIAS: Mathy's DeMot, De Mott, de Mott, Demoth, De Moth, DeModt, Mattys. RECORDS: Children's baptismal records, his death and marriage record. Kingston Ny was known as Esopus.

Mattys came from Esopus (Kingston) in 1693, and bought 87 acres of land in Bergen; from that time on he is often mentioned in civic affairs and in sales of property; he appears to have been one of the most belligerent of the Dutchmen of Bergen in the struggle against the English after their capture of New Netherland, who tried to prove title to the lands of the original colonists.

Mattys and his wife belonged to the church on the Green" at Hackensack, and most of their progeny were baptised there, but not their first child and eldest daughter, the only record of whose birth appears to be in the Van Vorst Bible, copied on a following page. The will of Mattys was proved 1759, and showed that he possessed large properties at his death.

From Van Vorst, Bacot and collateral families by Eleanor Micelli (1938) (DAR Library)

North Bergen until in a few years he had become a large landholder in Hudson county. He was an active man in the affairs of Bergen, taking a hand in almost everything that came up in the way of improvements. he and his wife belonged to the "Church on the Green" at Hackensack, where nearly all of their large family of children were baptized. Mattys died at Bergen in May 1759. By his will. proved June 18, 1759 he devised all his Bergen lands to his sons. Michael and George, as joint tenants. His issue of the second generation were John (died) Michael (married Clasie Winne) Henry (died). Ann. John (died December 8, 1744). Henry (married in 1742, Jannetje Van Wagoner). George (died in 1800 unmarried), Jacob (married, October 11, 1747, Sophia Van Houten), Mary and Geshy (died in 1744). Michael (2) died November 16, 1799, intestate and without issue, and George (2) by the terms of his fathers's will, succeeded to property at Bergen. Henry (2) located at Pompton. John (2) left no issue. Jacob (2) removed to Schraalenburgh, NJ. George (2) left no issue, but a will by which he left all his lands to Michael (3). son of his brother, Henry, of Pompton,

In 1701 Pieter Cortelyou journeyed for a hundred miles up the Hudson river to make a survey for Mattys (Matthias) DeMott, at Esopus, Ulster County. The tract contained 710 acres. After completing his work Pieter prepared a draft and description under date of December 10, 1701. These are filed at Albany. (Land Papers, vol. III, p. 20).

Margrietje: RECORDS: Death and marriage ALIAS: Margietie Blinkerhoff, Margrieta, Margrietje, Margrita Hendrikse Blinkerhof. I have a couple of records for the children of Mateys de Mot and Magrietje Hendrick.

Margrettje was the daughter of Hendrick Brinkerhoff and Claesie Boomgaert, who settled on Bergen Hill in 1677, and were members of the Hackensack church in 12686, and gr-daughter of Joris Dircksen Brinckerhoff, the founder of that family in America.

From Van Vorst, Bacot and collateral families by Eleaner Micelli (1938) (DAR Library)


44. i Claesie DeMOTT #4773 born 14 May 1706, Bergen, NJ., Baptized: 2 Jun 1706, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ., married 1726, in Bergen, NJ., Cornelius VANVORST #17542. She was born as the 1st child to this family. AKA: Niclaes

45. ii Michiel DeMOTT #4764 born 7 Aug 1708, Bergen, NJ., Baptized: 5 Sep 1708, Bergen, NJ., married Clasie WINNE #13044, died 29 Oct 1788. Michiel died 16 Nov 1799. ALIAS: Machiel, Michel de Mott. RECORDS: Birth and Baptismal. in the records it reads that Machiel was the 2nd child born. Witness on his birth record was Anthony de Moth alias de Mott & Antje Haargjes Machiel is how his name was spelled on his records but in his father will it was spelled Michael/ Mickel/ Machyel. died intestate with out issue inherited his father lands as a joint tenant with his brother Geroge (Joris) Clasie: AKA: Winnie

46. iii _____ DeMOTT #4771 died 3 Jan 1711. RECORDS: Death ALIAS: Demoth

47. iv Hendrick DeMOTT #18223 born 1710, Bergen, NJ. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998 problem with Henry DeMott. the state of NJ. page 899 list a Henry de Mott born 1715 son of Michael and married to Janette Van Wagoner. according to this same article Michael's brother Mathias also had a son Henry who had land in Pompton Plains and was married to Janetje Van Wagoner Hendirck born in 1715, who came into possession of the homestaed at pompton Plains; married Janette Van Wagoner, and they had twelve children born at Pompton Plains on the old homestead.

Page 899 (top of page) History of Morris Co, NJ.History of Morris County, NJ. page 267.

The De Mott family came from Bergen, and at a later date still; in 1740 Hendrick De Mott or his father Michael purchased land on the Plains, and soon after that settled there. AKA: Henry B. DeMott / De Modt / Demot

+ 48. v Antje DeMOTT #4772 born 24 Dec 1711.

49. vi Johannes DeMOTT #4766 born 7 Aug 1716, Hackensack, NJ., Baptized: 2 Sep 1716, Bergen, NJ., married 18 Oct 1729, in Hackensack, NJ., Rachel SCHOONMAKER #17655, born 1720, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ., died 6 Dec 1740, Bergen Co., NJ. Johannes died 8 Dec 1740, Bergen, NJ. RECORDS: Birth, Baptismal, Death Johannes baptismal record reads that he was the 6th child born. Witness on his baptismal record were Jacobus Blinkerhoff & Margrietje Banta. Johannes is a Dutch name in English it would be written as John. died and left no issue

50. vii Joris DeMOTT #4767 born 3 Nov 1718, Bergen, Morris Co., NJ., Baptized: 7 Dec 1718, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ., died 1800. RECORDS: Baptismal witness on Joris baptismal record were Dirk Blinckerhof & Angenitie wife of Jacobus Blinkerhof ALIAS: de Moth, Demodt / George Joris was the 8th child born. Joris is a Dutch name in English it would be written as George Left his property to his nephew Michael son of Henry de Motte of Pompton, NJ.

+ 51. viii Jacob DeMOTT #4768 born 22 Feb 1720.

52. ix Marreytje DeMOTT #4774 Baptized: 15 Apr 1721. RECORDS: Baptismal ALIAS: de Mot / Maritie Marreytje is a Dutch name in English it would be written as Mary. she was born the 9th child. He father left her 200 francs and a negro wench in his will dated 1755

53. x Gesie DeMOTT #4769 born 1725, died 11 Apr 1744, Bergen, NJ. ALIAS: Demoth. / Geshy / Gitty / Gesny RECORDS: Death. Gesie/Geesie is a Dutch name in English it would be written as Grace, Charity

10. Martine DeMOTT #11694 (1.Michiel1) married wife of Martine DeMott #11695. SOURCE: Martine is mentioned in his sister Liber DeMott Johnson Will dated 7 Jan 1747 or 8 Queens, NY Martine / Martyne is a Dutch given name, is english it would be Martin


54. i Michael DeMOTT #11696.

55. ii Ann DeMOTT #11697.

Third Generation

12. Adrian Hendrickse ATEN #11703 (2.Maria2, 1.Michiel1) born 24 Oct 1693, married 1717, Jacobje MIDDAGH #13947, (daughter of Dirck Aertse MIDDAGH #5120 and Catalyntje VANNEST #5121). Adrian died 11 Dec 1757. ALIAS: Adezazzyan / Ater


56. i Annetje ATEN #15724 born 25 Mar 1719. stepchild

57. ii Richard ATEN #15725 born 4 Sep 1723. stepchild

+ 58. iii Hendrick ATEN #15726 born 4 Sep 1723.

59. iv Catherine ATEN #15727 born 27 Jan 1725/26. stepchild

60. v Mary ATEN #15728 born 15 Jan 1727/28. stepchild

61. vi Carolyn ATEN #15729 born 29 Jul 1730. stepchild

62. vii Jan ATEN #15730 born 22 Dec 1732. stepchild

63. viii Gerradus ATEN #15731 born 22 Dec 1732. stepchild

64. ix Judick ATEN #15732 born 9 Jul 1735, died 22 Jul 1819. stepchild

65. x Adrian ATEN #15733 born 7 Nov 1737, died 1819. stepchild

15. Elizabeth ATEN #11705 (2.Maria2, 1.Michiel1) born 20 Aug 1713, Jamaica, NY., married Josiah RAYNOR #11707, (son of Samuel RAYNOR #13921 and Mary _____ #13922) died 1781, Hempstead, NY. married to Rainer Josiah: ALIAS: Joiah Rainer


+ 66. i Samuel RAYNOR #13923 born 25 Mar 1733.

67. ii Henry RAYNOR #13925 born 1735.

68. iii Elizabeth RAYNOR #13926 born 1737.

69. iv Sarah RAYNOR #13927 born 1739, married Daniel TUTTLE #13930.

70. v Jemima RAYNOR #13928 born 1743.

71. vi Catherine RAYNOR #13924 born 5 Jun 1748, married 1777, Tunis COVERT #13929.

19. Marretie DeMOTT #4800 (3.Johannes2, 1.Michiel1) born 6 Mar 1711, Jamaica, NY., married Pieter MIDDAGH #5122, born 26 Aug 1700, (son of Dirck Aertse MIDDAGH #5120 and Catalyntje VANNEST #5121) died 1790. Marretie died 1790. ALIAS: D:Moth, DeMoth, De Mot, De Mote, Given name Marritje, Mary. Mary went to live with her uncle Derrick Demott who settleted in Somerset Co NJ. in 1731. She is also mentioned in her aunt Liber DeMott Johnson Will dated 7 Jan 1747 or 8 Queens, NY (her sister Elizabeth was also mentioned) Pieter: ALIAS: Peter


+ 72. i Gerrit MIDDAGH #5129 born 11 Jun 1732.

73. ii Cathelyntje MIDDAGH #5130 born 25 Apr 1734.

74. iii Marritje MIDDAGH #5131 born 29 Jun 1736.

+ 75. iv Antje MIDDAGH #5125 born 25 Dec 1740.

76. v Saertje MIDDAGH #5128 born 15 May 1743.

77. vi Pieter MIDDAGH #5127 born 10 Dec 1746, Hunterdon, NJ. RECORDS: Birth

+ 78. vii Peter MIDDAGH #5126 born 27 Nov 1748.

79. viii Johannes MIDDAGH #5124 born 29 Sep 1751, Hunterdon, NJ. RECORDS: Birth

+ 80. ix Rebecca MIDDAGH #5123 born 23 Jun 1755.

81. x Elizabeth MIDDAGH #5132 Baptized: 9 Jul 1738, Readington, NJ., married Andries VANFLEET #5133, born abt 1734, died 30 Oct 1817. Elizabeth died 21 Apr 1821. Andries: Andries is burried at the Wyckoff burying ground 2 miles east of Flemington NJ

20. Pistronelletie DeMOTT #4799 (3.Johannes2, 1.Michiel1) born 10 Mar 1713, Jamaica, NY., married Christian SNEDECURE #11716. ALIAS: Peterche De Mote Christian: Christian will probated 29 Nov 1715 Hempstead. Christian Snedecure of Hempstead. His will is dated 7 Oct 1715. To wife Peterche (DeMott) 50 francs and my farm & meadow in the further east Neck in Jamaica during her widowhood, with remainder to my daus. Williamje, Lila, Jeane, & Mary. To these four daus. 35 francs each when they are of age. To my son Andrayon my land laid out at Wayanda, and to my four sons Andrayon, Garrett, Abraham, & Issaac my land at Wayanda not yet laid out. Exrs: my three bros., John, Isaac, & Time (?) Snedecure. Wits: Hendrick Onderdonk, John Foster, Jr., & tho. Whitehead.


82. i Maryam SNEDECURE #13014. SOURCE: her grandfathers Michael DeMott Will, dated 26 Aug 1781. ALIAS: Mary

83. ii Williamje SNEDECURE #13530.

84. iii Lila SNEDECURE #13531.

85. iv Jeane SNEDECURE #13532.

86. v Andrayon SNEDECURE #13533.

87. vi Garrett SNEDECURE #13534.

88. vii Abraham SNEDECURE #13535.

89. viii Issac SNEDECURE #13536.

21. Johannes DeMOTT #4797 (3.Johannes2, 1.Michiel1) born 5 Oct 1714, Jamaica, NY., married 13 May 1731, in Hempstead, Queens, NY., Mary HENDRICKSEN #17716, (daughter of Hendrick HENDRICKSEN #18826 and wife of hendirck Hendricksen #18827). Mary: In her father's Will; page 412.-- In the name of God, Amen, April 19, 1753, I Hendrick Hendricksen, of Hempstead, yeoman, being of perfect mind, I leave to my son Thomas, oe215. To my Johanes, oe210. To my daughter Margaret Oakley, oe40 (oe35 of which her husband James Oakley is indebted to me on a bond). To my daughter Sarah Higbie, oe40 (oe25 of which her husband John Higbie is indebted to me on a bond). I leave to my sons Thomas and Johanes, oe50. To my daughter Mary De Mott, my bed and bestead. I leave to my sons Thomas and Johanes, a piece of woodland lying at Forsters Meadows, in Hempstead.


90. i Johannes DeMOTT #13013 born 1733, Jamaica, Long Island, NY. He was mentioned in his grand aunts will dated 7 Jan 1747 or 1748, he was left 5 French franks

91. ii Hendrick DeMOTT #17717 born 13 Jul 1735, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: Lds film #1019523

92. iii Abraham DeMOTT #17718 born 27 Oct 1737, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: Lds film #1019523 AKA: Demodt

93. iv Elisabeth DeMOTT #18286 born 19 Dec 1740, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: Lds film 1019523

22. Michael DeMOTT #4564 (4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 6 Jun 1710, Jamaica, NY., married 5 Mar 1749, Femmetje SCHERMERHORN #17720, died 10 Mar 1792. Michael died 15 Jun 1790, Readington, Hunterdon, NJ. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 ALIAS: Machiel in the Will of his aunt Liber Johnson (De Mott) he is to receive oe5. Femmetje: AKA: Steyntie


+ 94. i Dirck DeMOTT #17721 born 7 Apr 1751.

95. ii Saertje DeMOTT #17722 born 18 Feb 1753, married Peter DECKER #17725.

+ 96. iii Staintje DeMOTT #17723 born 12 Feb 1758.

+ 97. iv Elizabeth DeMOTT #17724.

98. v Jan DeMOTT #18453. SOURCE: Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol V.

23. Kniertie DeMOTT #4565 (4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 7 Oct 1712, Jamaica, NY., married 4 Oct 1741, in Readington, NJ., Jan VANNESTE #6374. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 she might of married Jan Van Nejte. film #1019523 AKA: Kniertje


99. i Seartje VANNESTE #6376 born 4 Oct 1741, Hunterdon, NJ.

100. ii Maryte VANNESTE #6375 born 4 Dec 1742, Hunterdon, NJ.

25. Johannes DeMOTT #4566 (4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 1 Apr 1716, Jamaica, NY., married (1) 1739, Elizabeth DAVIS #6378, born 1715, (daughter of Peter DAVIS #13951 and wife of Peter Davis #13952) died 1764, married (2) ALTJE _____ #6388. Johannes died 21 Aug 1780, Somerset Co., NJ. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 RESIDENCE: Neshanic, NJ. film #1019523 CS NJ. DAR Patriot Index. ALTJE: I got Johannes 2nd wife name from the DAR Patriot Index

Children by Elizabeth DAVIS:

101. i Dirck DeMOTT #6385 born 11 Jan 1740, Readington, NJ.

102. ii Catherina DeMOTT #6384 born 26 Dec 1742, Reanington, NJ.

103. iii Saertje DeMOTT #6383 born 28 Dec 1744, Hunterdon, NJ.

+ 104. iv John DeMOTT #17730 born 3 Dec 1746.

+ 105. v Abraham DeMOTT #6381 born 28 Apr 1751.

106. vi Elizabeth DeMOTT #6379 born 1 Apr 1753, Readington, NJ. Think she might of married John Gulick ?

107. vii Maria DeMOTT #6387 born 19 Jul 1755, Hunterdon, NJ.

108. viii John DeMOTT #6386 born 8 Feb 1756, Readington, NJ.

+ 109. ix Dirck DeMOTT #6382 born 20 Dec 1757.

110. x Maria DeMOTT #6380 born 8 Feb 1758, Hunterdon, NJ.

27. Laurens DeMOTT #340 (4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 25 Oct 1719, Jamaica, Long Island, NY., married 25 Apr 1749, in Somerset Co., NJ., Dorothe VANDERBEEK #343, born 21 Jan 1729, Staten Island, NY., (daughter of Rem VANDERBEEK #4498 and Dorothy COTELEAU #4499). Laurens died 14 May 1800, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Malla DeMotte DAR # 338969

Lawrence a son or Richard DeMott came to New Jersey with his parents on 25 Apr 1749 he was married to Dorothe, the daughter of Rem and Dorothe Vanderbeek They moved to Mercer County, Kentucky, about 1790 or 1792 bringing most of their family with them, except for his son Richard and his daughter Sarah who were both married and settled.

Lawrence DeMott was a Revolutionary Soldier. He died in Mercer County. Served as Private, Captain Conrad Ten Eycks Company, Colonial Abraham Quick's 2nd Regiment, Somerset Co. New Jersey Militia 1776. Private Captain John Sebring's Co. Colonel Frederick Frelinghuysen's 1st Regiment, Somerset Co. New Jersey Militia, 1778. Private, Captain Sebring's Co. Colonel Frelinghuysen 1st Regiment, Somerset Co. New Jersey Militia, 1780 and served under command of Colonel Silvanus Seely. Ref: New Jersey Adjuntant Gereral's Office, Trenton New Jersey.

It is not known when Lawrence DeMotte and his family left New Jersey. They may have lived for a time in Conewago, Pa., as the name DeMotte appears among the names of the Colonists there. The deed to their land in Mercer county KY. is dated 1794. In his Western home, Lawrence DeMotte continued his regligious activities. He was a signer of petition dated November 2, 1795, the Classis of the Reformed Dutch Church at New Brunswick, N.Y., a preacher in Mercer County, KY. at the Head of Salt River. His call for help was heeded and when Peter LaBagh was sent to Kentucky to Organize the Dutch settlers, and form a Church, Lawrence DeMotte was one of its members. He helped in the establishing of one of the first churches in Kentucky - "The Old Mud Meeting House."

When Lawrence (Laurens) DeMotte moved to Kentucky he acquired a large tract of land at Cove Spring. about half way between Danville and Harrsisburg, in Mercer County. This estate was owned in common until the early part of the year 1800, when it was divided, after which some of the sons sold their shares and located in other states.

His Will was made out 9 August 1798 and probated May 1799.

SOURCE #2: Neshanic reformed Dutch church baptismal records. Nelsons Colonial History of New Jersey marriage records "New Jersey archives, 1st series vol 22 Laurens Laurens DeMott Will, Mercer Co. Ky records.

The Neshanic New Jersey reformed Dutch Church was formed August 25, 1752. The Church was situated near the residence of Lawrence DeMott (Dirck's son) who was appointed Deacon in 1759. In 1760 Stynie DMott was a contributor. ALIAS: Lawrence, Lourense, de Mott, D Mott Dorothe: SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Malla DeMotte DAR # 338969. THE BOOK: DeMotte and Allied Families published in 1953, written by Phoebe DeMotte Norman and Estella DeMotte Craig. Dutch records Staten Island Ny. The Vanderbeek family were in this country in 1677. Originally two brothers Paul and Remsen. Paulus married May 16, 1677 to Sarah Shonten: children - Kathrina, Hester, Paulus and Rem Jense.

Rem VanderBeek born 1695, married Dorothy Coteleau; children - Jacque, Cornelius, Deborah and Dorothy. Ref. D.A.R. Magazine, Mrs Daniel T. Campbell. ALIAS: van der Beek / Ver Bryck


112. ii Dorothy DeMOTT #4573 born 22 Apr 1750. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591

113. iii Sarah DeMOTT #344 born 20 Oct 1751, Hunterdon, NJ., married (1) George HALL #4574, married (2) Willard HALL #14156. Sarah died 25 Jun 1840, NJ. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Malla DeMotte, DAR # 338969 Lauren's DeMotte Will. In Dutch Sarah would be written Saertje. Burried in Flemingto NJ in the Neshanic Station Cemetary. It is located on the George C. Brokaw property. She was suppose to be 80 years old at the time of her death. The Tombstone is quite illegibe. But it reads Retict of George & Wallard ? Hall. George: Think his given name was Geroge might of had a son named Willard or maybe a brother.

+ 114. iv Derrick DeMOTT #17782 born 22 Jul 1753.

+ 115. v Laurens DeMOTT #345 born 6 Jun 1755.

+ 116. vi Martha DeMOTT #349 born 6 Aug 1757.

+ 117. vii Pieter DeMOTT #348 born 11 Nov 1759.

+ 118. viii Deborah DeMOTT #350 born 8 Oct 1763.

+ 119. ix Abraham DeMOTT #346 born 19 Apr 1766.

+ 120. x Johannes DeMOTT #347 born 16 Jul 1769.

121. xi _____ DeMOTT #352. SOURCE: Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR # 338969

+ 122. xii Mary DeMOTT #351 born 1772.

29. Jacob DeMOTT #4571 (4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 24 Dec 1727, Jamaica, Long Island, NY., married abt 1755, Neeltje Elinor WYCKOFF #10225, born 14 Sep 1733, (daughter of Nicholas WYCKOFF #11862 and Elizabeth DELGYN #11861) died 1771. Jacob died ca 1802, Readington, NJ. SOURCE #1: LDS Film # 1035591 SOURCE #2: James DeMott. Maynard, MA. 1995 Jacob built a farmhouse in Staton NJ. in 1757 he had 6 children, son Richard was the 2nd child. His will was probated 1802 Neeltje: ALAIS: Nelly / Wycokoff


123. i Sarah DeMOTT #10246 born 29 Aug 1756, Hunterdon, NJ., married _____ SMOCK #13020. DUTCH NAME: Saertje

+ 124. ii Dirck DeMOTT #10226 born 15 May 1758.

125. iii Marie DeMOTT #10244 born 31 Aug 1760, Hunterdon, NJ. died in infancy

126. iv Mariya DeMOTT #10245 born 18 May 1776, Hunterdon, NJ., married William SHEFER #13021. ALAIS: Mariya, Mary

127. v Neltie DeMOTT #10243 born 6 Nov 1768, Hunterdon, NJ., died abt 1802. ALIAS: Nelly, Helen / Neeltie

+ 128. vi Jacob DeMott #11859 born 18 Aug 1771.

31. Antje DeMOTT #5119 (5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 24 Apr 1709, Brooklyn, NY., married Albert VANNOSTRAND #11698, born 12 Feb 1695, Woolver Holler, Long Island, NY, (son of Aaron VANNOSTRAND #13031 and Altie VANSTEENWYCK #13032). ALIAS: Ann or Anne de Mot.


+ 129. i Altie VANNOSTRAND #11699 born 9 Nov 1733.

+ 130. ii Elsie VANNOSTRAND #11700 born 17 Nov 1746.

131. iii Anthony VANNOSTRAND #13539 born 6 Jun 1763, Jamaica, NY., married 5 Feb 1771, in NY, Mercy HENDRICKSEN #14006, (daughter of Abraham HENDRICKSEN #14007 and wife of Abraham Hendricksen #14008). Anthony died NY. ALIAS: Noorstrant

33. Michiel DeMOTT #4796 (5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 1 Jun 1715, Jamaica, Long Island, NY., married 27 Aug 1736, in St. Georges Church, Hempstead, NY., Miriam DORLAND #11710, born 21 Jun 1716, Hempstead, Queens, NY., (daughter of John DORLAND #18183 and Mary BEDELL #18184) died 1779. Michiel died aft 1781. Michiel DeMott and Dina DeMott were witness at his birth.

In the name of God, Amen. The Twenty sixth day of August, 1781, I Michael Demot, of Hempstead, Queens County, Blacksmith, being at this time sick and weak in body. All my just debts and funeral charges to be paid. I leave to my well-beloved son John, all my tools or utensils that I have belonging to the blacksmith's trade. Unto my beloved daughter Else, wife of Christian Snedecor, f100, to be levied out of my estate. Unto my well-beloved daughter, Mary Skidmore, f100, to be paid as my executors think her wants or needs do require. Should she died before she shall receive the whole sum, the remainder to be equally divided among her children. Unto my well-beloved daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Foster, f100. Unto my well-beloved daughter, Mariam Demot, f100 payable when she is eighteen; Also , two cows and all the household goods that were her mother's. unto my well-beloved granddaughter, Maryam Snedecor, f5 out of my moveable estate. unto my said three daughters, all my indoor household moveable (not before bequeathed), and likewise, one negro girl named Mol in equal and ratable proportion. Unto my well-beloved three sons, John, Samuel and Abraham, all my out door moveables also my houses, buildings, lands and meadows that I have and may have, to be equally divided. The remaining part of my lands and meadows and housings to be equally divided among my three sons. I make my brother John and Samuel Demot and my son-in-law, Christian Snedecor, executors.

Witnesses, James Everit, and Richard Hewlett and Nathen Skidmore, both of Hempstead, yeomen.

Codicil. This twenty-fifth day of September, 1782, I do make this codicil. Whereas, in my last will, I have given to my three sons, John, Samuel, and Abraham, all my lands to be equally divided; now whereas my said son Samuel, lieth very sick and weak in body, and in case he should die before he shall be entitled to said lands or legacies so given to him, I order that part which should have befallen unto him shall be equally divided between my other two sons, John and Abraham. I make my son Abraham, another executor.

(Same withnesses). Proved, April 7, 1783 Miriam: ALIAS: Durland


132. i Mary DeMOTT #11713 born 1739, Jamaica, NY., married 7 Jun 1764, in Jamaica, NY., John SKIDMORE #11717.

+ 133. ii Elisie DeMOTT #18185 born 1740.

+ 134. iii John DeMOTT #11711 born 1741.

135. iv Samuel DeMOTT #11714 born 1746, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: father's Will dated 26 Aug 1781 Hempstead, NY.

136. v Elizabeth DeMOTT #11718 born 1751, Jamacia, NY., married 27 Apr 1777, in Jamaica, NY., John FOSTER #11719.

+ 137. vi Abraham DeMOTT #11715 born 1754.

138. vii Miriam DeMOTT #18186 born 1756, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: Father's Will dated 26 Aug 1781 Hempstead, NY. AKA: Demot

34. Anthony DeMOTT #11720 (5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born Jamaica, Long Island, NY., married 27 Jul 1747, in St. Georges Church, Hempstead, NY., Phoebe BEDELL #18192. SOURCE: Liber DeMott Johnson will dated 7 January 1747 or 8 Hempstead, Queens county. I suspect that he had a daughter Milly and he was married to eathier Adezayan or Pamela Aten / Ater (from their fathers "Will" Henry Ater dated 10 Feb 1749 of the town of Hempstead, NY I also suspect that he had another daughter named Anne who married Robert Davison in 1784 at Hempstead, NY


+ 139. i Michael DeMOTT #18193 born 1749.

140. ii Phoebe DeMOTT #18194 born 1754, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

141. iii Nancy Ann DeMOTT #18195 born 12 Nov 1755, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

142. iv John DeMOTT #18196 born 17 May 1758, Hempstead, NY., married 29 Nov 1783, in St. George Church, Hempstead, NY., Martha PEARSALL #18201. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

144. v Marium DeMOTT #18198 born 1771, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

35. John DeMOTT #11693 (5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 1721, Jamaica, NY., married 9 Jun 1743, in Hempstead, NY., Maria CALYER #18217. SOURCE: Liber DeMott Johnsons Will dated 7 Jan 1747 or 7 Queens, Hempstead, NY I suspect that he was married to Marica last name unknown . Her will was dated 17 Aug 1780. She was of Hempstead, Queens County, NY. If I am correct then they had a daughter Mary wife of Sauel Carman and 2 sons John and Jacobus DeMott. This John DeMott, Mary's husband was alive in 1783. Maria last name could be Carman or Colyear / Calyer


145. i Marija DeMOTT #18218 born 1755, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

146. ii John DeMOTT #18219 born 1758, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

147. iii Jacob DeMOTT #18220 born 1759, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

38. Aelite DeMOTT #4793 (6.Michiel2, 1.Michiel1) born 21 Sep 1718, Jamaica, Long Island, NY, married 24 Dec 1736, Joseph PETTIT #13040. ALIAS: Alice


148. i William PETTIT #13041.

40. Michael DeMOTT #18221 (6.Michiel2, 1.Michiel1) married Sarah COLLIER #18224. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998


149. i Dina DeMOTT #18225 born 1738, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

150. ii Michael DeMOTT #18226 born 1741, Jamaica, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

151. iii Annetje DeMOTT #18227 born 1749, Newburgh, Ulster Co., NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

152. iv Elizabeth DeMOTT #18228 born 1751, Newburgh, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

43. Heny B. DeMOTT #5102 (6.Michiel2, 1.Michiel1) born 1715, Hackensack, NJ., married 30 Oct 1740, in Morris Co. NJ., Jannetje VanWAGENEN #5103, born 22 Feb 1721, Bergen, NJ., (daughter of Johannes Gerritse VanWAGENEN #5117 and Catelyntje Helmighes VanHOUTEN #5118). Heny died 1802, Pompton Plains, Morris, NJ. ALIAS: Hendrick Demoth, DeModt History of Morris County, NJ. page 267.

The De Mott family came from Bergen, and at a later date still; in 1740 Hendrick De Mott or his father Michael purchased land on the Plains, and soon after that settled there. Jannetje: AKA: Van Wagonan / Janettje Van Wagoner


153. i Johannes DeMOTT #5106 born 23 Feb 1743, Pompton Plains, Morris, NJ. RECORDS: Birth and fathers will. ALIAS: Demot

154. ii Geese DeMOTT #5112 born 30 Jun 1744, Pompton Plains, NJ., Baptized: 29 Jul 1744, Pompton Plains, NJ. ALIS: Keziah RECORDS: LDS # AFN:HR9W-KN

+ 155. iii Garret DeMOTT #5111 born 13 Apr 1746.

156. iv Maragrieta DeMOTT #5104 born 4 Dec 1748, Pompton Plains, NJ. ALIAS: Margrietje / Margaret / Demodt. also have her birth date as 30 Oct 1748 per Morman IGI according to her Aunts Ann DeMott-Van Horn "Will" dated 4 Feb 1774, she was living in Morris Conty and Prvince of East New Jersey.

+ 157. v Michael DeMOTT #5114 born 15 Sep 1750.

158. vi Jacob DeMOTT #5113 born 1751, Pompton Plains, NJ. RECORDS: LDS # AFN:HR9W-PC

+ 159. vii Hendrick DeMOTT #5105 born 16 Nov 1753.

160. viii Cathyntje DeMOTT #5110 born 21 Dec 1755, Pompton Plains, NJ. RECORDS: Birth ALIAS: Demodt Morman IGI has birth date as 1 Jan 1757

161. ix Catlyina DeMOTT #5109 born 20 Jul 1757, Pompton Plains, NJ. RECORDS: Birth ALIAS: Demodt Morman IGI has birth date as 14 Aug 1757

162. x Antje DeMOTT #5108 born 3 Oct 1758, Pompton Plains, NJ. RECORDS: Birth ALIAS: Demodt have 2 different birth dates. the Morman IGI has it as 21 Oct 1758

163. xi Ann DeMOTT #5116 born 1758, Pompton Plains, NJ. RECORDS: LDS # AFN:HR9X-12

164. xii Cornelis DeMOTT #5107 born 20 Sep 1760, Pompton Plains, NJ. RECORDS: Birth ALIAS: Demodt

165. xiii Helnigh DeMOTT #5115 born 1765, Pompton Plains, NJ. RECORDS: LDS # AFN:HR9X-3D

48. Antje DeMOTT #4772 (8.Mathias2, 1.Michiel1) born 24 Dec 1711, Bergen, NJ., Baptized: Passaic, NJ., married John VANHORN #5219, born 3 Feb 1703, Bergen, NJ., (son of Rutger Joris VANHORN #5226 and Neeltje DIRCKS #5227). Antje died bef 1774. ALIAS: DeMoth. / Ann / Antie witness on Antje birth record were Cornelis Blinkerhoff & Aaltje Van Giesen Antje was the 4th child born. Antje is a Dutch name in English it would be written as Anne Ann was baptized at the Passaic (Acquackanonk Dutch Church) date unstated, She joined the Bergen Church on 15 March 1730. Her will dated 4 Feb 1774 on Staten Island and proved in New York on 21 Feb 1782 (NYW 10:195 f.). In it she mentioned several DeMott relatives. The children were born in or near Bergen.

Page 435.-In the name of God, Amen. I, Ann Vanhorn, of the County of Richmond, being weak in body, doth this fourth day of February, 1774, make this my only last will. I leave to my brother Hendrick Demott's daughter Margaret 25 Francs, (living in Morris County and Province of East New Jersy). to the eldest daughter of my brother-in-law, John and Mary Van Wagenin, whose name is Margaret, 25 Francs, to the second oldest daughter of the aforesaid, whose name is Ann, all the remaining part of my estate. If she should die without issue, then that part of my estate shall be divided equally among the surviving children of my aforesaid brother-in-law and Mary his wife. I make my loving brother-in-law, John Van Wagenin, and Mary his wife, together with my trusty friend, Jacob Freeland, Executors.

Witnesses, John Jacks, Anthony Fountain, yeoman, Vincent Fountain. Proved, February 21, 1782. she had no children as of 1755 per her father's will. John: ALIAS: Van Hoorn, Van Horne.


166. i Margrietje VANHORN #5220 born 14 Mar 1752, Bergen, NJ., died 14 May 1753.

167. ii infant VANHORN #5221 died 3 Jan 1756, Bergen, NJ. Not sure if infant was a male could be female

51. Jacob DeMOTT #4768 (8.Mathias2, 1.Michiel1) born 22 Feb 1720, Bergen, NJ., Baptized: 13 Mar 1721, married 11 Oct 1747, in Bergen, NJ., Feytje VANHOUTEN #4775. ALIAS: Demoet, Demot, Demodt Jacobus is a Dutch name in English it would be written as James RECORDS: Birth and Baptismal Jacob was the 8th child. according to his father's will dated 1755 he was left the Plantation where he now dewlls with all improvements. "at the place called English Neighborhood" Removed to Schraalenburgh, NJ after his fathers death in 1759 Feytje: ALIAS: Fttie Van Houte, Fytje Fytje is a Dutch name in English it would be written Sophia RECORDS: Marriage, and childrens birth records. Feytje was from Bergen, NJ.


+ 168. i Johannes DeMOTT #4776 born 9 Oct 1749.

+ 169. ii Jacob DeMOTT #4787 born 15 Mar 1770.

Fourth Generation

58. Hendrick ATEN #15726 (12.Adrian3, 2.Maria2, 1.Michiel1) born 4 Sep 1723, married Mary BELLAS #15735. Hendrick died 1773. stepchild


170. i Hendrick ATEN #15736 born 1757.

171. ii Thomas ATEN #15737 born 1760.

172. iii Mary ATEN #15738 born 1763.

173. iv John J. ATEN #15739 born 10 Jun 1765, married Jane MORDEN #15742, born 30 Jun 1764, died 12 Jul 1840. John died 30 Sep 1840. ALIAS: Auten

174. v Sarah ATEN #15740 born 1770.

175. vi George ATEN #15741 born 1771.

66. Samuel RAYNOR #13923 (15.Elizabeth3, 2.Maria2, 1.Michiel1) born 25 Mar 1733, Jamaica, NY., married 4 Jun 1753, in NY, Elizabeth HIGBEE #13931, born 1733, (daughter of Nathaniel HIGBY #13932 and wife of Nathaniel Higby #13933) died New Windsor, Orange Co, NY. Samuel died Apr 1788, Warwick, Orange Co., NY.


176. i Garret RAYNOR #13934 born 29 Dec 1754, Flatbush, NY.

177. ii William C. RAYNOR #13935 born 12 Dec 1759, Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY., married Susanna WISNER #13942. William died 6 Apr 1846, Chester, Orange Co, NY.

178. iii Samuel RAYNOR #13936 born 1761, Warwick, Orange Co, NY, married 11 May 1848, Fanny BROWN #13943. Samuel died 11 May 1848.

179. iv Sarah RAYNOR #13937 born 1765, Warwick, Orange Co, NY, married Crynes LaROE #13944.

180. v Anna RAYNOR #13938 born 1768, married Jesse MULLOCK #13945.

181. vi Jemimah RAYNOR #13939 born 1771, Warwick, Orange Co, NY.

182. vii Elizabeth RAYNOR #13940 born 1773, Warwick, Orange Co, NY.

183. viii Mary RAYNOR #13941 born 1776, married David VANBUSKIRK #13946.

184. ix Amy RAYNOR #14131 born 1768, Warwick, Orange Co., NY., married 8 Jun 1782, Jesse MULOCK #14132, (son of Jeremiah MULOCK #14133 and Sally WARD #14134) died 31 Aug 1816, Minisink, Orange, NY. Amy died 1844, Minisnk, Orange Co., NY.

72. Gerrit MIDDAGH #5129 (19.Marretie3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Michiel1) born 11 Jun 1732, Readington, NJ., married 24 Apr 1760, Neltie VANVLIET #5134. Gerrit died 1810, Northampton county. RECORDS: Birth Married as Garatt Middagh Gentleman.


185. i Mary MIDDAGH #5135 born 1761, married Thomas SILLIMAN #5142, born 1756, (son of Alexander SILLIMAN #5140 and Margaret _____ #5141) died 1835. Mary died 1838, Lycoming, CO., PA. Thomas: Thomas was in the Northampton militia 1828.

186. ii Nelitie MIDDAGH #5136 Baptized: 1 Dec 1765, Neshanic, NJ.

187. iii Elizabeth MIDDAGH #5137 born abt 1772, married James EDMISTON #5138, born abt 1768, died 27 Apr 1835. Elizabeth died 12 Feb 1837.

75. Antje MIDDAGH #5125 (19.Marretie3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Michiel1) born 25 Dec 1740, Readington, NJ. in 1778-1790 she still bore the surname of Middagh and was presumably not married through it is barley possibe that she married a Middagh cousin ? if so the contributor cannot suggest his identity.


188. i John MIDDAGH #5273 born 18 Oct 1759, married wife of John Middah_____ _____ #5274. John died 1844.

78. Peter MIDDAGH #5126 (19.Marretie3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Michiel1) born 27 Nov 1748, Hunterdon, NJ., married Mary MASON #5147, (daughter of Francis MASON #5154 and Esther MARTIN #5155). Peter died 1829. RECORDS: Birth Peter moved to PA when he was 16 years old he was a 1st LT. in 1776


189. i John MIDDAGH #5148 born 12 May 1779, Lower Mt Bethel Twsp, Northampton Co, PA, married 27 Dec 1801, in Easton, PA, Margaret VANATTA #5199, born 13 Jul 1783, Oxford Twsp, Sussex Co, NJ, (daughter of John VANATTA #14011 and Margaret McCRAKEN #14012) died 22 Apr 1850, Reading Twsp, Perry Co, OH. John died 18 Dec 1869. Margaret: Mary Shafer Spencer stated in the 1880's that her maternal grandmother was Margaret Vanatta, and it is known that John Middagh and his wife Margaret migrated to Ohio in the company of John Vanatta, Aaron Vanatta, and Joseph Petty and his wife Elizabeth Vanatta. The group settled on neighboring farms in what is now Reading Township Perry County, then Fairfield County. Margaret and the other Vanattas came from across the Delaware River in Oxford Township, Sussex County, now Harmony Township, Warren County

190. ii Sarah MIDDAGH #5149 born 3 Feb 1781, died Jun 1848. Sarah is burried in the Shaunee cem in Monroe county PA. She was the 2nd wife of George Bush.

191. iii Thomas MIDDAGH #5150 born abt 1782, Mt. Bethel Twp, Northampton, PA., married Rebecca BITTERS #5228, born 23 Jan 1792, died 31 Aug 1852. Thomas died 27 May 1841, Mt. Bethel Twp, Northampton, PA.

192. iv Jane MIDDAGH #5151 born 11 Oct 1785, married Robert MILLER #5156, born 15 Apr 1778, died 20 Mar 1848. Jane died 26 Oct 1870.

193. v Esther MIDDAGH #5152 married William FARROW #5159. Esther died bf 1830.

194. vi James D. MIDDAGH #5153 born 26 Apr 1793, married Mary KENNEDY #5160, born 26 Apr 1793, died 24 Nov 1831. James died 24 Nov 1831.

80. Rebecca MIDDAGH #5123 (19.Marretie3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Michiel1) born 23 Jun 1755, Hunterdon, NJ., Baptized: 10 Aug 1755, Hunterdon, NJ., married Benjamin VANATTA #5163, (son of Thomas VANATTA #5171 and wife of Thomas VanAtta #5172). Benjamin: ALIAS; Van Etten, Van Eette


195. i Peter VANATTA #5165 married 14 Apr 1802, Charity FLEET #5173. Charity: ALIAS: Van Fleet

196. ii Marietta VANATTA #5166 married Christopher SMITH #5174.

197. iii Thomas VANATTA #5167 married Isabella BEARD #5175. Thomas died 1854, Clinton Twp, OH. migrated in 1825 to Clinton Twp Seneca county Ohio.

198. iv John VANATTA #5168 born 1 Nov 1782, Oxford Twp., married Elizabeth ALBRIGHT #5176, born 16 Aug 1787, died 1 Sep 1879. John died 7 Mar 1862. They had 10 children.

199. v Elisabeth VANATTA #5169.

200. vi Isaac VANATTA #5170 born 12 Sep 1791, Oxford Twp., married Hannah BIRD #5177.

94. Dirck DeMOTT #17721 (22.Michael3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 7 Apr 1751.


201. i Catherine DeMOTT #18339.

96. Staintje DeMOTT #17723 (22.Michael3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 12 Feb 1758, married Cornelius WILLIAMSON #17726, born Readington, NJ., (son of Corneluis WILLIAMSON #17727 and wife of Cornelius Williamson Sr. #17728). Cornelius: Cornelius Williamson served as a private in the New Jersey Militia.


202. i Anne WILLIAMSON #18242 born 14 Dec 1788, Hunterdon, NJ., married George D. SCHOMP #18342. SOURCE: Lds film records for Huntedon, NJ.

203. ii Mary WILLIAMSON #18243 born 7 Feb 1793, Hunterdon, NJ. SOURCE: Lds film records for Hunterdon, NJ.

204. iii Cornelius WILLIAMSON #18245 born 8 Nov 1795, Hunterdon, NJ. SOURCE: Lds film records for Hunterdon, NJ.

205. iv Richard WILLIAMSON #18244 born 16 Dec 1797, Hunterdon, NJ. SOURCE: Lds film records for Hunterdon, NJ.

206. v John WILLIAMSON #18293 born 8 Jan 1786.

207. vi Abraham WILLIAMSON #18294 born 2 Jun 1791.

208. vii William WILLIAMSON #18566 born abt 1780, married Hannah HOAGLAND #18567, born 1775. William died 1859. SOURCE: Family Tree Maker CD disk # 13

97. Elizabeth DeMOTT #17724 (22.Michael3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) married _____ AUTON #17729.


209. i William AUTON #18340.

210. ii Jacob AUTON #18341.

104. John DeMOTT #17730 (25.Johannes3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 3 Dec 1746, Neshanic, Somerset Co., NJ., married 7 Jan 1773, in New Brunwick, NJ., Catherine VROOM #17731, born 17 Feb 1750, died 13 Feb 1836. John died 1 May 1834. The French farm subsequently came into the possession of James Parker, and in 1799 John DeMott father of Henry V. DeMott now of Middlebush, moved on it and farmed it for eleven years. The son, Henry, was an industrious boy at thirteen years of age when they went there and remembers plowing on all the hills on which the College and seminary buildings now stand, and all the fields north of French street, from the river to the Mile-Run brook; also of waling in part of the tunnel still open.

From the Somerset Historical Quarterly Vol IV. page 21


211. i John J. DeMOTT #17732 born 1773, Neshanic, Somerset Co., NJ.

212. ii Elizabeth DeMOTT #17733 born 18 Apr 1779, Neshanic, Somerset Co. NJ.

213. iii Hendrick Vroom DeMOTT #17734 born 2 Jul 1786, Neshanic, Sommerset Co., NJ., Occupation farmer / butcher, married 8 Oct 1809, in New Brunswick, Middlesex, NJ., Ida VANLIEW #17736, born 23 Nov 1787, (daughter of Cornelius VANLIEW #18489 and wife of Cornelius Vanliew #18490) died 4 Aug 1842. Hendrick died 27 Feb 1875. SOURCE: Lds film records for Hunterdon, NJ. RESIDENCE: New Brunwick, NJ. in miltary

214. iv Peter DeMOTT #17735 born 18 May 1792, Neshanic, Somerset Co., NJ., married Lydia KIRKPATRICK #17750, born 20 Dec 1791. Peter died 2 Nov 1873.

105. Abraham DeMOTT #6381 (25.Johannes3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 28 Apr 1751, Readington, NJ., married Christina VANALLEN #13953. Abraham died 9 Jan 1834, Ovid, Seneca Co, NY. I have another Abraham born 8 Mar 1751 who was in the Rev War PVT NJ. he died 9 Jan 1834 and was married to Christianah Van Allen 1st and then to Hannah


215. i Elisabeth DeMOTT #13956 born 3 Mar 1778, Neshanic, Somerset Co, NJ, married Robert SELFRIDGE #13957, born 21 Jul 1775, Cambridge, Washington Co, NY, (son of William SELFRIDGE #13958 and Catherine McMASTER #13959) died OH. Elisabeth died 1851, Hanover, Jackson Co, MI. DUTCH NAME: Eleisabet

109. Dirck DeMOTT #6382 (25.Johannes3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 20 Dec 1757, Readington, NJ., married in Neshanic, Somerset Co., NJ., Sarah _____ #17757.


216. i Elisabeth DeMOTT #17758 born 9 Dec 1779, Neshanic, NJ.

217. ii Garret Garrisen DeMOTT #17759 born 1781, Neshanic, NJ. AKA: Gerit Gerisen

218. iii Johannes DeMOTT #17760 born 13 Jul 1783, Neshanic, NJ.

219. iv Sara DeMOTT #18343 born 16 Apr 1786.

111. Richard DeMOTT #159 (Isaac3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 1750, Pompton. NJ., Occupation Farmer, married Mary ALBRIGHT #160, born 1760, Columbia, County, PA., died 5 Aug 1849, Columbia County, PA. Richard died 26 May 1827, Madison. Columbia, PA. SOURCE: Lds film # 1035591, Malla DeMotte, DAR # 338969. Letter from Lottie Ross Holdren. 1982, 1800 Penn Census (book), Roll 9 1790 PA Census Roll 101 (1820), Penn Census, 1830 Roll 165 Columbia County PA Census, Will Registered 9 Aug 1827, PA., History & Biographical Annals of Columbia & Montour Counties, Penn by J.H. Beevs (1915) pages 243-245, 740, 285, 266-267. SOURCE #2 Neshanic reformed Dutch church baptismal records. SOURCE #3 D.A.R. membership of Gladys Roberson #338969 AKA: Dirck / Derrick

SOURCE: Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR # 338969, Patricia Morehouse Barrington ILL. 1987.


220. i Mary DeMOTT #244 born 14 Sep 1782, NJ., married Thomas LANE #255. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Roll 165 1830 Census Columbia County PA. Malla DeMotte Louny DAR # 338969. Will of Richard DeMott (1826) Thomas: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Malla DeMotte Louny DAR # 338969, Will of Richard DeMotte

221. ii Rosanna DeMOTT #245 born 1 Aug 1784, NJ., married 14 Apr 1803, in Columbia Co., PA., James McMICHAEL #256, born 1772, (son of George McMICHAEL #6412 and wife of George McMichael_____ _____ #6413) died 1821. Rosanna died 26 Dec 1856, Townsend, Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada., Buried: Waterford, Oontario Canada. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR James: James first came to Canada from Pennsylvania as a young man of 25 years in 1797 and returned to Penn. On his second visit to Canada, he purchased 400 acres of land in the Township of Townsend, Norfolf County, Ontario, Canada. On returing to Penn he married and remained over twenty years. In 1820 he went to Ontario with his family and died two later. James had 3 brothers and 1 sister. John, Marion, George, and Veronica.

222. iii Sarah DeMOTT #246 born 30 Apr 1786, married John MANNING #257. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny DAR

223. iv Rebecca DeMOTT #247 married Evan JONES #258. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826) Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR

224. v Isaac DeMOTT #248 born 24 Sep 1790, Montour Co., PA., married Catherine DeWITT #259. Isaac died 11 Feb 1858, Buried: Columbia, PA. SOURCE: Roll 165, 1830 Census Columbia County PA., 1850 Census. Will of Richard DeMott (1826). Malla DeMotte Louny DAR # 338969

225. vi Jacob DeMOTT #249 born 9 Sep 1792, Madison Twp, PA., Occupation Farmer, married in Montour Co. PA., Catherine PATTON #260, born 1800, PA., (daughter of John PATTON #4549 and wife of John Patton #4550) died 1869. Jacob died 11 Feb 1886, Columbia, PA. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR page 391. History of Columbia and Montour Counties page 740.

Jacob son of Richard was born Columbia County, and followed farming all his life, after his marriage settling on the farm in Madison township now owned by his son Cyrus. He was a prosperous man and prominent in all the activities of his locality, serving as justice of the peace, county commissioner (before the counties were divided) and supervisor of the poor. For nearly sixty years he was a member of the Baptist Church, and held the offices of deacon and elder. Catherine: SOURCE: History of Columbia and Montour County Penn. page 740.

Catherine Patton daughter of John died in 1869. Her family came from New Jersy.

226. vii Abigail DeMOTT #139 born 22 Sep 1794, Columbia, PA., married 16 May 1813, Adren HOLDREN #138, born 1785, NJ., Occupation Farmer, died 11 Nov 1868, White Hall, Montour, PA., Buried: White Hall, Montour, PA. Abigail died 30 Oct 1868, White Hall, Montour, PA., Buried: White Hall, Montour, PA. SOURCE: Letter from Lottie Holdren Ross (1982), Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR # 338969, Patricia Morehouse, Barrington ILL. 1987. SOURCE #2: Histories of Clumbia and Montour Counties and Biographical Sketches NICKNAME: Abbie Adren: SOURCE: Histories of Lee Co. IL. and Columbia Co. Pa. DAR membership of Gladys Robinson, Holdren Family Bible, Cemetery Stones. Patricia Morehouse, Barrington IL. (1984)

Adren Holdren a native of New Jersey, born 1785, who came to Whitehall and farmed there the rest of his life, dying at the age of eighty four. His wife Abigail (DeMott) was born in PA . 22 Sep 1794, and lived to be eight four years old. They were Baptists in religious connection and he was a Whig in Ploitics.

(History of Columbia and Montour Counties)

The White Hall Baptist Church was erected in 1858 at a cost of about $1,500. To most active parties in raising the money for the church were William McBride, Effle Derr and A. Holdren, But they were liberally aided by all the residents in that vicinity. Andrew F. Shanafelt was the first preacher He made his residence in this vicinity. He removed from here to Old Chester where he died. The first officers of the church were William McBride and George W. Suplee, deacons, and Aid Holdren William McBride, trustees. . (1887 History of Montour County, PA. edited by J.N. Battle) ALIAS: Edward / Adren. his will had the name Aid as did his tombstone. 1860 census had the name Edward, 1850 had Aid.

227. viii David DeMOTT #250 born 13 Mar 1796, Northumberland, PA., married 14 Jan 1811, in Easton, Northampton, PA., Sarah ABEL #17774. David died 1816. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR #338969

228. ix Josias DeMOTT #251 born 27 Jun 1798, Northumberland, PA. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR #338969 AKA: John Josias died young.

229. x Richard DeMOTT #252 born 4 Sep 1800, Northumberland, PA., married 23 Feb 1825, in Montour Co., PA., Catheirne KISNER #261, born 1810, Montour Co., PA. Richard died 17 May 1881, Buried: Columbia, PA. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR

230. xi William DeMOTT #253 born 8 Aug 1803, Northumberland, PA., married Lavinia WELLIVER #262. William died 25 Sep 1898. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR Lavinia: ALIAS: Welburn

231. xii Elizabeth DeMOTT #254 born 9 Sep 1805, Northcumberland, PA., married 17 Sep 1829, Henry KITCHENS #263, born 26 Feb 1801, died 23 Nov 1863, Ikeler family cem, Greenwood Twp, PA. Elizabeth died 16 Aug 1853, Ikeler family cem, Greewood Twp, PA. SOURCE: Will of Richard DeMott (1826), Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR #228969

114. Derrick DeMOTT #17782 (27.Laurens3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 22 Jul 1753, Readington, Somerset, NJ., married Lena SICKLEN #17783. Lena: AKA: Van Sicke / van Sicklen


232. i Laurens DeMOTT #17784 born 11 Dec 1783, married 28 Feb 1809, Sarah LANE #17787. AKA: Louwerens

233. ii Andris DeMOTT #17785 born 9 Apr 1787.

234. iii Leah DeMOTT #17786 born 31 Oct 1790, Hunterdon, NY., married Garrett G. DeMOTT #17545, born 21 Jun 1805, Pompton Plains, N., (son of Garret DeMOTT #5111 and Mary W. WESTERVELT #17543). SOURCE: Lds film reords for Hunterdon, NJ.

115. Laurens DeMOTT #345 (27.Laurens3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 6 Jun 1755, Readington, Somerset, NJ., married 20 Mar 1777, in Neshanic, NJ., Dorothy VERBRYCK #17793, born 6 Jan 1758. Laurens died Harrodsburg, KY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 ALIAS: Lawrence Marriage information. Bondsman: Lawrence Verbryke who certifies bride's age is 21 (date 17 Feb 1798).


235. i Lawrence DeMOTT #17794 born Neshanic, NJ. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

236. ii Richard DeMOTT #17795 born Neshanic, NJ. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

237. iii Rebecca DeMOTT #17796 born 9 Nov 1800, Harrodsburg, KY., married 5 Feb 1824, in Harrodsburg, KY., Frederick LAW #17804. SOURCE: Krisitn Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

238. iv William DeMOTT #17797 born 22 Jun 1802, Harrodsburg, KY., married 16 Feb 1821, Mary VANNUYS #17805, born 31 Mar 1800, Harrodsburg, KY., (daughter of Cornelius VANNUYS #17806 and Mary _____ #17807) died 24 Feb 1886, Johnson Co., IN. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998 Mary: SOURCE: Van Nuys family History. was a member of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church in Johnson County, IN. AKA: Van Nuyce

239. v Dorothy DeMOTT #17798 born 13 Nov 1805, Harrodsburg, KY., married 14 Jan 1830, in Harrodsburg, KY., Eli PETERS #17852. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

240. vi Sara DeMOTT #17799 born 27 Jun 1807, Harrodsburg, KY., married 7 Nov 1833, in Harrodsburg, KY., John W. ROBINSON #17853. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

241. vii Martha DeMOTT #17800 born 7 Feb 1809, Harrodsburg, KY., married in Harrodsburg, KY., George M. BROWN #17854. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

242. viii Jane DeMOTT #17801 born 23 Aug 1810, Harrodsburg, KY., married 8 Feb 1838, in Harrodsburg, KY., Merritt CLEVELAND #17855. SOURCE: Krisitn Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

243. ix John DeMOTT #17802 born 1806, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY., married Mary VERBRYCK #17856, born 1819, Harrodsburg, KY. SOURCE: Krisitn Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

244. x Peter DeMOTT #17803 born Harrodsburg, KY., married 22 Mar 1843, in Harrodsburg, KY., India DRURY #17862. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

116. Martha DeMOTT #349 (27.Laurens3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 6 Aug 1757, Hunterdon, NJ., married 1797, in Mercer Co., KY., Nicolas BUICE #4575. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Laurens Will. Marriage information. Bondsman: Lawrence Demott. Bride's father: Lawrence Demott. Teste: Peter Van Nuys and William Tietsoort (date 31 July 1797) Nicolas: SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Lauren's DeMotte Will. AKA: Brice / Bruce


245. i Rachel BUICE #4579. SOURCE: Laurens DeMotte's Will. (her grandfather) Rachel is listed as Rachel Demott under 18 years of age, daughter of Martha. Bruce. Lawrence Demott's Will (Will book #2 page 143 9 Aug 1798).

117. Pieter DeMOTT #348 (27.Laurens3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 11 Nov 1759, Hunterdon, NJ., married 19 Dec 1796, in Mercer Co., KY, Mary TERHUNE #4576, born 9 Nov 1780, Somerset Co., NJ., (daughter of Garret TERHUNE #17897 and Catherine VANNUYS #17898) died 27 May 1862, Harrodsburg, KY., Buried: Cove Springs Cemetery, Harrodsburg, KY. Pieter died 15 Oct 1834, Cove Springs, Mercer, KY. SOURCE: Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR # 338969. Moved to Cove Spring Ky. Pvt. NJ. DAR Patriot Index. ALIAS: Peter Marrige information. Bondsman: Lawrence Demot. Bride's father: Garret Terhune. Teste: Peter VanNiss and Peter Vannist (date 14 Dec 1796) Mary: SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 Mary / Maria is the eldest daughter of Garret and Catherine Terhune


246. i Lawrence DeMOTT #17882 born 11 Nov 1797, Harrodsburg, KY., married (1) 4 Jan 1820, in Harrodsburg, KY., Mary DAVIS #17899, married (2) 27 Dec 1832, in Marion Co., IN., Martha NEIGHBORS #17908, born 1810, VA. Lawrence died 19 Nov 1867. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

247. ii Catherine DeMOTT #17883 born 17 Feb 1798, Cove Springs, KY., married 23 Oct 1815, in Harrodsburg, KY., Simon SMOCK #17933, born 8 Oct 1792, Mercer, KY., died 6 Apr 1865, Southport, IN. Catherine died 9 Sep 1865, Marion Co., IN. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

248. iii Dorothy DeMOTT #17884 born 21 Dec 1800, Harrodsburg, KY., married 26 Mar 1826, in Harrodsburg, KY., Henry BANTA #17947. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

249. iv Mary DeMOTT #17885 born 20 Aug 1802, Harrodsburg, KY., married 20 Jan 1821, in Harrodsburg, KY., Thomas HENDERSON #17948. SOURCE: Krisitn Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

250. v Peter Cornelius DeMOTT #17886 born 1805, Harrodsburg, KY., married 3 Dec 1835, in Harrodsburg, KY., Jane B. HUNTER #17949, born 1811, Trigg Co., KY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

251. vi Peggy DeMOTT #17887 born abt 1808, Harrodsburg, KY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

252. vii Patsy DeMOTT #17888. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

253. viii John DeMOTT #17889 born 29 Dec 1813, Harrodsburg, KY., married 16 Mar 1843, in Cove Springs, KY., Mary Eliza BATES #18010, born 20 Aug 1815, Cove Springs, KY., died 30 Jul 1860, Marion Co., IN. John died 9 Aug 1894, Marion Co. IN. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

254. ix Ann DeMOTT #17890 born Harrodsburg, KY., married in Harrodsburg, KY., Phillip Brown FRENCH #18034. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

255. x Sara DeMOTT #17891 born Harrodsburg, KY., married in Harrodsburg, KY., Daniel STUCK #18035. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

256. xi Patsy DeMOTT #17892 born 1820, Harrodsburg, KY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

257. xii Margaret DeMOTT #17893 born Harrodsburg. KY., married Jun 1835, in Harrodsburg, KY., Abraham VANNUYS #18009, born 9 Mar 1810, near Dansville, KY., died 1860. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998 Margaret and Abraham have 2 children Abraham: Abraham and Artymesia had 10 children

258. xiii Lucinda DeMOTT #17894 born 1823, Harrodsburg, KY., married Jessie TURPIN #18036. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

118. Deborah DeMOTT #350 (27.Laurens3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 8 Oct 1763, Somerset, NJ, Baptized: 6 Nov 1763, married 27 Mar 1792, in Mercer Co., KY., Peter C. VANNUYS #4577, born 7 Nov 1766, Millstone, Somerset, NJ, (son of Isaac VANNUYS #13440 and Flora QUICK #13441) died 11 May 1844, Hendricks county, IN. Deborah died 4 Jun 1855, IN. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Laurens DeMotte Will, she received 124 acres of land.

In the Van Nuys genealogy, by Miss Carrie Allen, the following is given: "There are still living some of her grandchildren who have heard Deborah (DeMott) Van Nice tell how she as a girl in her early teens, with other members of the family, spent nights by turns, in their barn near Millstone, Somerset County, New Jersey trying to prevent the dpredation of the British troops who were stationed near their house." Lawrence DeMott fought in the Revolutionary War.

Deborah Van Nice died in 1855 in her ninety second year. She was a remarkably tall woman, and he (her husband) also being tall, they made a couple of striking appearance. They had nine children, three of whom died in infancy. Marriage information: Bondsman: Lawrance Demott. Bride's father: Lawrance Demott Sr. Teste: Lawrance Demott Jr. and Lawrance Verbrike (date 22 Mar 1792) AKA: Debora Peter: SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591. ALISA: Van Nice In 1833 went wth thier son Lawrence to Hendricks County Indiana, where thier son Peter had located in 1831, and in partnership with Lawrence they bought government land adjoing Peter's, and lived there until the father's death in 1844


259. i Dorothea VANNUYS #13442 born 8 Jan 1793, Mercer Co, KY, married 9 Oct 1809, in Shelby, KY, Cornelius CANINE #13443, born 8 Sep 1787, Conewago, York, PA, (son of Peter CANINE #13444 and Christina SEBRING #13445) died 17 May 1866, Crawfordsville, IN. Dorothea died 18 May 1865, Crawfordsville, IN. ALIAS: Van Nice Lived in Shelby County, KY after marriage. In the 1830s moved to Montgomery County, IN and boughty a large farm 2 miles east of Crawfordsville. Dorothea and Peter had a large family. Cornelius: FROM: Shelby County, KY ALIAS: Carnine / Cannine

260. ii Peter VANNUYS #13439 born 17 Jul 1801, Mercer Co, KY, married 14 Feb 1828, Sarah Ann Watts SMITH #13845. Peter died 9 Feb 1888. ALIAS: Van Nice

261. iii Lawrence VANNUYS #13438 born 20 Jun 1807, Mercer Co, KY, married (1) Caroline Frances ADAMS #13843, married (2) Julianna HADLEY #13844. Lawrence died 5 Mar 1898.

119. Abraham DeMOTT #346 (27.Laurens3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 19 Apr 1766, Somerset, NJ., married 28 Aug 1792, in Harrodsburg, KY., Johanna BANTA #18037. Abraham died 1837, Preble Co., OH. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 marriage information. Bondsman: Peter Demott (dated 28 Aug 1792).


262. i Margaret DeMOTT #18038 born 1798, Harrodsburg, KY., married 24 Dec 1835, in Preble Co., OH., Benjamin MAPEL #18046. SOURCE; Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998 NICKNAME: Peggy

263. ii Abram DeMOTT #18039 born 25 Dec 1800, Preble Co., OH., married 26 Jan 1828, in Eaton, Preble Co., OH., Mary MONFORT #18047, born 13 Dec 1805, OH., died 1879, IL. Abram died 29 Jan 1853, IN. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

264. iii John DeMOTT #18040 born 1803, Preble Co., OH., married 9 Jan 1830, in Preble Co. OH., Magdalena MONFORT #18067, born 1812, OH. SOURCE: Krisitn Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

265. iv Henry DeMOTT #18041 born 1805, Preble Co., OH., married 22 Jan 1833, in Preble Co. OH., Jemima SEARL #18092. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

266. v Peter DeMOTT #18042 born 1807, married 13 Oct 1831, in Preble Co., OH., Alvira SEARL #18093. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

267. vi Isaac B. DeMOTT #18043 born 1811, Preble Co., OH., married 7 Sep 1842, in Preble Co. OH., Hannah JOHN #18094. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

268. vii Aaron DeMOTT #18044 born 1815. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

269. viii Jacob DeMOTT #18045 born 1818, Preble Co., OH., married 31 Dec 1835, in Twin, OH., Elizabeth JOHN #18107, born 1818, Twin, Preble Co., OH. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

120. Johannes DeMOTT #347 (27.Laurens3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 16 Jul 1769, Somerset, NJ., married 31 Oct 1793, in Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY, Anna COZINE #4500, born 28 Dec 1776, Conewago, NY., (daughter of Cornelias COZINE #4507 and wife of Cornelias Cozine #4508). Johannes died 1811. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 & the book Kith & Kin pg. 24-26

Johannes, the son of Lawrence DeMott was born in Somerset County New Jersey. He married in Mercer County, KY to Anna the daughter of Cornelius Cozine, a Revolutionary Soldier. Marriage information. Bondsman: Lawrance Cozine, bride's guardian: John Haggin. Teste: James Priestly and Lawrence DeMott. (date 26 Oct 1793) Anna: her father Cornelius was a revolutionary Soldier.


270. i Lawrence DeMOTTE #4501 born 3 Sep 1794, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY., Occupation Farmer, married 11 Nov 1819, in Pike CO., IN, Phoebe BANTA #4509, born 7 Apr 1799, Mercer Co., KY, (daughter of Jacob BANTA #4517 and Mary _____ #4518) died 12 Dec 1854, IN., Buried: Craig Cementery, IN. Lawrence died 3 Mar 1872, Perry, Marion Co., IN., Buried: Craig Cementery, IN. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591. Lawrence came to Ind with the William Anderson family. The first account we have of him in Ind is of him helping William Anderson hew a coffin out of a walnut log for the Revolutionary Soldier, Hugh Rodman killed 1815. In May 1817 he entered land in what is now Marion Twp Pike Co. This land remained in the family until 1952.

Lawrence De Motte's sons were all farmers. His grandchildren were farmers, school teachers and two Physicians. His great-grandchildren are to be found in every profession. There are many doctors among his decendants, as well as many other persons who have been at very exalted positons in their field.

Both Lawrence and Phoebe are buried in the Crig Cemetery, located east of Otwell near the Pike and Dubois County line.

FROM THE BOOK: William Milton DeMotte, Union Cavalryman & Hoosier Doctor; His Life and Family. by Lousis Bernard DeMott (e)

Lawrence sold his share of the land in Cove Springs, Ky that he had heired from his father, Johannes, and moved to Indiana. He decided to locate near a neighbor, William Anderson, who had previously moved to Indiana and lived about three miles south of what is now Otwell in Pike County. After entering a tract of land at $1.25 per acre and selecting a home site, the route being mainly through the forest, to their destination about one mile northwest of the Anderson homestead. They then developed a farm of 250 acres. This is now owned by the widow of Sebastain DeMotte.

A site for the dwelling was selected and a cabin of round logs covered with clapboards was built. A fireplace was built with a stick chimney plastered with clay. Their furniture was rudely constructed with such material as the forest afforded. The principal tool used in the manufacture of their furniture was the choppin axe. They moved in on the dirt floor and were "at home" to their friends. However about three years later grandfather, with the help of a neighbor, managed to whipsaw enough lumber from poplar logs to build a frame house, consisting of one room, 14 x 14 feet to which was added a brick fireplace and brick chimney. While their neighbors were few and far between it is said that Phoebe DeMott's house was the envy of the neighboring women, especially because it had two real glass windows. A few years later he built a brick house of which the doors, window wash and all inside trim were of black walnut from his own woodland. This house was abandoned because the walls accumulated dampness. He then moved into another building of frame constrcution which is now standing as part of the dwelling on the old farm. Grandfather was prosperous during the active period of his life.

This farm remained in the DeMotte family until 1952

271. ii Cornelius DeMOTTE #4502 born 1796, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY., married Barbara HOLT #4519. Cornelius died IN. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591. Settled in Pike County Indiana.

272. iii Daniel DeMOTTE #4503 born 19 Mar 1798, Harrodsburg, Mercer County, KY., Occupation Rev, married (1) 31 Oct 1816, in Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., IN., Mary BREWER #4520, born 6 Mar 1793, Harrodsburg, KY., (daughter of Adam BREWER #6100 and wife of Adam Brewer #6101) died 21 Oct 1866, Greencastle, IN., married (2) 1867, Margaret RIFENBARICK #6102. Daniel died 2 Feb 1875, Greencastle, IN. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591. Moved to Parke Co Ind in 1830 and in Settled in Greecastle Indiana. Mary: AKA: Brouwer / Brown

273. iv Mary DeMOTTE #4504 born 9 Feb 1803, Harrodsburg, Mercer CO., KY., married 23 Dec 1819, in Harrodsburg, Mercer CO., KY., Jacob SMOCK #4521. Mary died 22 Dec 1874, Benton C0., IA. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591. Settled in South Port Indiana 1825 NICKNAME: Polly

274. v Sara DeMOTTE #4505 born 1805, Mercer Co., KY., married 2 Sep 1824, in Harrodsburg, Mercer CO., KY., David BANTA #4522, born 1801, died 1874. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 Settled in Tazewell County ILL.

275. vi Anna DeMOTT #17618 born 1807.

276. vii John Lawrence DeMOTT #4506 born 1809, Mercer Co., KY., married 25 Dec 1830, in St. Louis Co., MO., Phebe CURRY #4523, born 1813, Harrodsburg, KY., died 1856, Taylorville, Christian Co., IL. John died 1863, IL. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591 Settled in Christian County ILL in 1831 Phebe: AKA: Phoebe

122. Mary DeMOTT #351 (27.Laurens3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 1772, married 1792, in Mercer Co, KY, David BANTA #4578, born 31 May 1771, Straban Twp, York, PA., (son of Hendrick H. BANTA #13694 and Antje DEMAREST #13695) Occupation Baptist Minister, died 1844, IN. SOURCE: Malla DeMotte Louny, DAR # 338969. LDS Film # 1035591 Lauren's DeMotte Will, She received 175 acres of land. Mary and David had 5 children. Marriage information. Bondsman: Lawrence Demott. Bride's father: Lawrance Demott. Teste: Lawrance Demott Jr. and Lawrance Verbryck (date 19 Jan 1792) David: SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591


277. i Isaac William BANTA #13696 born 1800, Lexington, KY., married 25 Sep 1822, in Warrick Co, IN, Eliza BARKER #13697, born 26 Jun 1806, Ky, (daughter of William BARKER #13698 and Abiah HOPKINS #13699) died 19 Jun 1903, San Marcos, TX. Isaac died 16 Jul 1855, Burnet Co, TX.

124. Dirck DeMOTT #10226 (29.Jacob3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 15 May 1758, Hunterdon, NJ., married Sep 1783, Elizabeth SMITH #10227, born 25 Jun 1761, Hunterdon, NJ., (daughter of Johanns SMITH #10247 and Christeen HARSHALL #10248) died 4 Oct 1831, Hunterdon CO, NJ, Buried: Newell Cemetery, Stanton, NJ. Dirck died 4 Aug 1827, Buried: Newell Cemetery, Stanton, NJ. SOURCE #1: American Genealogist 1985 page 15 (the John Smiths of Readington) ALIAS: Richard SOURCE #2: birth record. RESIDENCE: Stanton, NJ.


278. i Jacob S. DeMOTT #11867 born 11 Oct 1784, Hunterdon, NJ., married (1) 15 Oct 1807, in Hunterdon, NJ., Elizabeth HUMMER #11927, born 15 Oct 1779, Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co., NJ., (daughter of Tunis HUMMER #11930 and Anna Chritina KLINE #11931) died 12 Jul 1853, married (2) 18 Mar 1857, Catherine LEONARD #13033. Jacob died 11 Mar 1858, Hunterdon, NJ., Buried: Newell Cemetery, Stanton, NJ. Will written 5 Jun 1857 (Will bol 10 page 81) Probated 23 Mar 1858 Hunterdon county, NJ.

279. ii John DeMOTT #11868 born 22 Jan 1787, Readington Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ, married 1809, Rachel ROCKAFELLOW #15534, born 30 Jul 1790, died 2 Jul 1868. John died 26 Dec 1868, Buried: Newell Cemetery, Stanton, NJ. Rachel: ALIAS: Rachel Johnson

280. iii Nelly DeMOTT #10241 born 20 Jun 1790, Hunderdon, NJ. Single not married, died after 1827

281. iv Christian DeMOTT #11869 born 6 Jan 1796, Readington, NJ, married William J. SHAFER #15545, born 17 Oct 1796, died 19 Mar 1876, Buried: Newell Cemetery, Stanton, NJ. Christian died 11 Mar 1876, Buried: Newell Cemetery, Stanton NJ. Tombstone reads born 6 Nov 1796 NICKNAME: Lany / Leny William: 1850 & 1860 Census, Clinton Twp, NJ.) ALIAS: Shaver

282. v Margret DeMOTT #10242 born 9 May 1797, Hunderdon, NJ, married William ANDERSON #11866, (son of Richard ANDERSON #11864 and Rhoda _____ #11865) died 16 Jun 1850, Oxford, NY. SOURCE: LDS Film # NICKNAME: Peggy William: grandson of Benjamin Anderson & Hannah Ketcham of Readington Twp. NJ.

283. vi Richard Smith DeMOTT #10228 born 15 Sep 1805, Hunterdon, NJ., married Maria PROBASCO #10229, born 21 Mar 1810, Hunterdon, NJ., (daughter of Christopher PROBASCO #11871 and Sarah Ann SMITH #11872) died 19 Apr 1895, Buried: Newell Cemetery, Stanton, NJ. Richard died 7 Mar 1891, Buried: Newell Cemetery, Stanton, NJ. SOURCE: James DeMott. Maynard, MA. 1995 he was the 2nd son of 6 children Jacob DeMott family. His own family consited of 6 children. Richard inherited his grandfathers (Jacob) house and bible. Richard's Will was signed 12 Apr 1888; Will Book Hunterdon County No. 16 page 449, probated 1891 after wife and son, Alfred died; estate divided into 10 shares; Executors, son William P. DeMott & daugther Susan DeMott- van Horn.

284. vii Elizabeth DeMOTT #11870 died aft 1827. single not married

285. viii Catherine DeMOTT #15533. was married about 1855. She resided in Delware Twp. According to the book on John Smith 1718-1791 by William F. Smity Published in 1987 Bethesda, Maryland

128. Jacob DeMott #11859 (29.Jacob3, 4.Dirck2, 1.Michiel1) born 18 Aug 1771, Readington, NJ., married 15 Mar 1795, in Readington, NJ., Susanah LaTOURETTE #11863, born 17 Sep 1776, (daughter of Henry LaTOURETTE #18305 and wife of Henry Latourtte #18306) died 24 Mar 1853. Jacob died 17 Sep 1866, Buried: Stanton, NJ.


286. i Jacob DeMOTT #18162 born 18 Jan 1800, Hunterdon, NJ., married Sarah Ann GILES #18169. Jacob died 8 Jul 1868.

287. ii Nancy DeMOTT #18163 born 5 Sep 1802, Lebenon, NJ., died 26 Oct 1895.

288. iii Eleanor DeMOTT #18164 born 12 Feb 1805, Lebanon, NJ., married 16 Dec 1837, William HIBLER #18173. Eleanor died 25 Jun 1896.

289. iv Henry B. DeMOTT #18165 born 28 Dec 1808, Lebanon, NJ., married 17 Oct 1833, Catherine Ann GERHART #18174, (daughter of David GERHARDT #18484 and wife of David Gerhardt #18485). Henry died Aug 1882. RESIDENCE: Stanton, NJ. (before marriage) Catherine: AKA: Gerhardt RESIDENCE: French Town, NJ. (before marriage0

290. v Susannah DeMOTT #18166 born 2 Jun 1811, Lebanon, NJ., married 17 Dec 1836, in Hunterdon, NJ., Jacob HAVER #18180. Susannah died 17 Feb 1895.

291. vi Mary DeMOTT #18167 born 22 Mar 1814, Lebanon, NJ., married 23 Feb 1839, William Henry SHEETS #18181. Mary died 2 May 1886.

292. vii Hiram DeMOTT #18168 born 10 May 1816, Lebanon, NJ., died 25 Nov 1851.

129. Altie VANNOSTRAND #11699 (31.Antje3, 5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 9 Nov 1733, Jamaica, Queens, NY, married 18 Dec 1761, Michael GOLDER #13029. SOURCE: Liber DeMott Johnson Will dated 7 Jan 1747 or 8 Queens, NY ALIAS: Aeltje Michael: died between 1778 & 1780 ALIAS: Goulder FROM: Hempstead


293. i Elizabeth GOLDER #13030.

294. ii Else GOLDER #13537.

295. iii Maleie GOLDER #13538.

130. Elsie VANNOSTRAND #11700 (31.Antje3, 5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 17 Nov 1746, NY, married _____ SMITH #14009. SOURCE: Liber DeMott Will dated 7 Jan 1747 or 8 Queens, NY AKA: Elsje


296. i Anthony SMITH #14010.

133. Elisie DeMOTT #18185 (33.Michiel3, 5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 1740, Jamaica, NY., married Christian SNEDECOR #18850. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998 Christian: SOURCE: father-in-law will dated 26 Aug 1781 Hempstead NY.


297. i Maryam SNEDECOR #18851.

134. John DeMOTT #11711 (33.Michiel3, 5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 1741, Jamacia, Long Island, NY., married Gerjte _____ #18187. SOURCE: Father's will dated 6 August 1781 DUTCH NAME: Jan John received according to his father's Will (26 Aug 1781) all my tools or utensils, that I have belonging to the blacksmith's trade


298. i Miriam DeMOTT #18188 born 1783, New Manhasset, Nassau, Long Island, NY.

137. Abraham DeMOTT #11715 (33.Michiel3, 5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 1754, Jamacia, NY, married 8 Dec 1779, in Jamaica, NY., Hannah FOSTER #18189. SOURCE: Father's will dated 6 August 1781


299. i Gabriel DeMOTT #18190 born 1781, New Manhasset, Long Island, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

300. ii Maria DeMOTT #18191 born 1783, New Manhasset, Long Island, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

301. iii James Vanhorn DeMOTT #18492 born 30 Jul 1786. SOURCE: Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol I

302. iv Peiter Clover DeMOTT #18493 born 25 May 1788. SOURCE: Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol I

139. Michael DeMOTT #18193 (34.Anthony3, 5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born 1749, Hempstead, NY., married 3 Jul 1777, in Hempstead, NY., Margaret WATTS #18199. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998


303. i Mary DeMOTT #18200 born 16 Jul 1782, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

143. Anthony DeMOTT #18197 (34.Anthony3, 5.Anthony2, 1.Michiel1) born Hempstead, NY., married 15 Jan 1786, in St. Georges Church, Hempstead, NY., Hannah BARKER #18202. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998


304. i Charles DeMOTT #18203 born 7 Feb 1786, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

305. ii Anthony DeMOTT #18204 born 1791, Hempstead, NY., married 1815, Miriam BERGEN #18205, born 1795, Hempstead, NY. SOURCE: Lds ancestral file ver 4.0 (1992).

155. Garret DeMOTT #5111 (43.Heny3, 6.Michiel2, 1.Michiel1) born 13 Apr 1746, Pompton Plains, NJ., married (1) Gertrude VANWAGNAM #13037, married (2) Mary W. WESTERVELT #17543. Garret died 1819. RECORDS: LDS # AFN:HR9W-LT. ALIAS: Garrit Demot Gertrude: AKA: Van Wagonen

Children by Mary W. WESTERVELT:

306. i Henry G. DeMOTT #17544 born 1803, Morris Co., NJ., married Jane BERRY #17546, born 1803. Henry died 1878.

307. ii Garrett G. DeMOTT #17545 born 21 Jun 1805, Pompton Plains, N., married (1) Leah DeMOTT #17556, born 1790, married (2) Leah DeMOTT #17786, born 31 Oct 1790, Hunterdon, NY., (daughter of Derrick DeMOTT #17782 and Lena SICKLEN #17783). Leah: SOURCE: Lds film reords for Hunterdon, NJ.

157. Michael DeMOTT #5114 (43.Heny3, 6.Michiel2, 1.Michiel1) born 15 Sep 1750, Pompton Plains, NJ., married in Pompton Plains., NJ., Maria MANDEVILLE #17560, born 18 Jun 1763, Hudson Co., NJ., died 7 Sep 1854. Michael died 27 May 1832, Bergen Co., NJ. RECORDS: LDS # AFN:HR9W-N6 AKA: Machiel de Mot Maria: AKA: Marreytye / Margaret Manderviel she from Pompton, Plains.


308. i Henry DeMOTT #13051 born 15 Oct 1784, Pompton Plains, NJ., married 25 Jan 1806, in Bergen, NJ., Claesie BRINKERHOFF #17610, (daughter of Hendrick BRINKERHOFF #17611 and Leah VANWAGENEN #17612). Henry died 30 Jul 1824. died before his father, who died in 1832.

309. ii George DeMOTT #13046 born 1 Jun 1787, Bergen, NJ., Baptized: 1 Jul 1787, Bergen, NJ., married (1) Jane VREELAND #17562, born 1790, died 11 Jul 1826, married (2) Ellen SMITH #17566. George died 7 Jul 1866. AKA: Joris / Jooris Joris is Dutch for George George located on the estate he inherited in Bergen, hte place being now known as West Hoboken, and there engaged in agricultural prusuits. He was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church of Bergen.

310. iii Garret DeMOTT #13045 born 4 Nov 1789, Pompton, Plains, NJ., married 16 Jan 1813, in Bergen, NJ., Margaret MANDEVILLE #17586. either Garret or his brother Geroge is the father of Abraham Huyler de Motte who married Fannie M. Browning and had besides other children Dwight Wheeler de Motte born 14 Jul 1870 in Jersey City. Occupation Attorney.

311. iv Johannes DeMOTT #17561 born 8 Jul 1792, Pompton, Plains, NJ. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998 died in childhood AKA: John

312. v Margaret DeMOTT #13048 born 27 Mar 1795, Pompton, Plains, NJ., married Richard VREELAND #13053. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

313. vi Jannettje DeMOTT #13047 born 31 Dec 1797, Pompton Plains, NJ., married 22 May 1822, in Bergen Co., NJ., Peter Edo MERSELIS #13052. NICKNAME: Jane

314. vii Maria DeMOTT #13049 born 23 Apr 1802, Pompton Plains, NJ., married James CADMUS #13054. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

315. viii Catherine DeMOTT #13050 born 6 May 1807, Pompton, Plains, NJ., married Richard CADMUS #13055. SOURCE: Kristin Robinson. Seattle, WA. 1998

159. Hendrick DeMOTT #5105 (43.Heny3, 6.Michiel2, 1.Michiel1) born 16 Nov 1753, Pompton Plains, NJ., Baptized: 2 Dec 1753, Pompton Plain, NJ., married 16 Jul 1785, in Pompton Plains, NJ., Elisabeth MANDEVIL #13500, born 13 Sep 1765, Pomton Plains, NJ., (daughter of Johannis MANDEVIL #13501 and Claasje _____ #13502) died 15 Sep 1858. Hendrick died 2 Nov 1834. RECORDS: Birth and fathers will. ALIAS: Demodt was baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church in Morris county, on his birth record his witness were Jacob & Jannetje Van Wagenen. Elisabeth: witness at her birth: Pieter ad maria Mandevil.


316. i Hendrick DeMOTT #13503 born 21 Jul 1787, Morris CO. NJ, married 5 Dec 1807, in Morris Co., NJ., Sally DOREMUS #13510, born 1791, Morris Co., NJ. NICKNAME: Henry

317. ii John H. DeMOTT #13504 born 18 Feb 1789, Pompton Plains, Morris CO., NJ, married 5 Jan 1811, in Morris Co., NJ., Margaret MEAD #13511.

318. iii Garret Hendrick DeMOTT #13505 born 1 Sep 1794, Pompton Plains, Morris CO., NJ, married 5 Feb 1814, in Morris Co., NJ., Catherine MEAD #13512.

319. iv Clarisa DeMOTT #13506 born 25 Jul 1797, Pompton Plains, Morris CO., NJ, married 4 Nov 1815, Abraham HENNION #13513. Nicholase was baptised at the Montville Reformed Dutch Church as Closhe, and at the time of her marriage her name was entered in the Bible as Clarisa. ALIAS: Nicholase / Closhe Nicholase in Dutch is the female name for Nicholas.

320. v Michael DeMOTT #13507 born 14 Dec 1799, Pomton Plains, Morris CO., NJ, married 5 Dec 1822, in Morris Co., NJ., Margaret COURTER #13514, (daughter of John C. COURTER #18288 and Jan F. MEAD #18289).

321. vi Giles DeMOTT #13508 born 10 Sep 1802, Pompton Plains, Morris, CO., NJ, married 27 Nov 1823, in Morris Co., NJ., Elizabeth YOUNGS #13515. ALIAS: Yellis, Yellis is his baptismal name

322. vii Jacob DeMOTT #13509 born 8 Mar 1805, Pompton Plains, Morris CO., NJ, married 19 Dec 1824, in Morris Co., NJ., Rachel DOREMUS #13516, born 11 Mar 1805, Pompton Plains, NJ. Jacob died 10 Dec 1876.

168. Johannes DeMOTT #4776 (51.Jacob3, 8.Mathias2, 1.Michiel1) born 9 Oct 1749, Schraalenburg, Bergen Co., NJ., married 29 Apr 1769, in Bergen, NJ., Syntie ROELEFSE #4777. Johannes died 1832. Hartman Blinkerhof and wife were witness at his baptismal. SOURCE: Marriage record and DAR Patroit index page 187 NJ. military is recorded as a resident of Walton (new Nordhoff) where he had a grist and saw mill. Syntie: ALIAS: Syntei Martise / Cyntie Roelofse SOURCE: New Jersy marriage 1665 to 1880 page 105


323. i Jacob DeMOTT #4789 born 1770, married Rachel Bogert

324. ii Hendreck DeMOTT #4781 born 16 Oct 1771, Schraalenburg, Bergen Co., NJ,, married Margrietie DEMAREST #4785. Martie Roelefse and Wife were witness at his Baptismal

325. iii Maite DeMOTT #4784 born 18 Oct 1775, Schrralenburg, Bergen Co., NJ. Martie Roelefse and wife were witness ant her baptismal. ENGLISH NAME: Martin

326. iv Fytei DeMOTT #4783 born 18 Mar 1781, Schraalenburg, Bergen Co., NJ., married 27 Nov 1802, in Hackensack, NJ., Stephen DEMAREST #17658. birth certificate does not list her mother. AKA: Sophia

327. v Martin DeMOTT #4782 born 12 May 1783, Schraalenburg, Bergen Co., NJ., married 11 Feb 1803, in Schraalenburg, Bergen Co., NJ., Sarah BOGART #17659, born 1785, Bergen Co., NJ. Martie Roelefse and wife were witness at his baptismal.

328. vi Joannes DeMOTT #4780 born 7 Feb 1786, Schraalenburg, Bergen Co., NJ. Not 100% sure that Joannes belongs to this family.

329. vii Cyerretje DeMOTT #4779 born 28 Aug 1788, Schraalenburg, Bergen Co., NJ.

169. Jacob DeMOTT#4789 51.Johannes3, 8.Mathias2, 1.Michiel1) born 15 Mar 1770, married 4 Mar 1790, in Hackensack, Bergen, NJ., Rachel BOGERT #4788, born Aug 1771, died 2 Feb 1844, Bergem, NJ, Buried: Schraalenburgh church yard. Jacob died 6 Apr 1845, Bergem, NJ, Buried: Schraalenbough Church yard. SOURCE: Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey. Rachel: daughter of Fransine


330. i Johannes DeMOTT #4790 born 16 Dec 1791, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ., married Leah QUACKENBUSH #17671, born 15 Nov 1796, Bergen Co., NJ. Johannes Demot and his wife Seyntje Roelefse were witness at his baptismal.

331. ii Jacob J. DeMOTT #4789 born 10 Mar 1794, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ., married 16 Nov 1816, in Bergen Co., NJ., Gertrude WESTERVELT #17672, born 15 Oct 1796, Tenafly, Bergen, NJ., died 31 Jul 1867, Dumont, Bergen, NJ. Jacob died 21 Jan 1882, Tenafly, Bergen, NJ.

332. iii Fransine DeMOTT #13058 born 15 May 1803, Bergen Co., NJ., died 14 Feb 1822, Bergen Co., NJ. SOURCE: Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey. The listing are from Bergen Conty Gravestones: North Schraalenburgh church Yard, Dumont. (I do not have the article).


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